18 And Over Nightclubs

Adding 18 and over nightclubs to the mix of your normal over 21 is something to consider.

Depending on your State and Local laws, many night club owners are adding to the mix. Yes, adding customers 18 to 20 to the over twenty one crowd they already have.

In some States, although it may not be legal when just looking at the law the way it’s written, you’ll find many States do make accommodations to permit under age patrons. Many times they will say that 18 and over patrons are allowed to enter the night club if accompanied by a parent or guardian if they are between eighteen and twenty.

The laws also usually state that if a night club provides guardians that volunteer, and are not paid by the night club, they are able to be responsible for say twenty five patrons under age.

Also, you may find the laws in your individual State may require only that patrons under age are not permitted to be near the bar.

And these stipulations go on and on. You’ll have to check the laws in your own State. 18 and over nightclubs are not legal everywhere.
Now you know why so many companies sell wrist bands. The over twenty one get the wrist band in order to get a drink. No wrist band, no drink!

But the mix itself, adding 18 and over nightclub setting to the over 21 crowd, needs to be thought out. I know, I know, you’re going to tell me “I’m tired of hearing it all depends”. Sorry, but it all depends whether this is a good thing for you or not. Like I have said before everything is relevant!

In our country today, some areas don’t have a large concentration of potential customers that are mostly twenty one to thirty years old. You will find this especially predominant in smaller towns and or in towns that have lost their economic base. Many areas that were once bustling cities lost their factories, jobs were lost, economic conditions got bad, and the bottom line was kids went off to college but never returned home for a job.

Generally, when a person graduates college they’re twenty one years old. If they don’t return home to get a job, (because there are none)the night club industry starts to lose their economic base. NO customers, no business!

Teen Club Managment GuideWhat to do, what to do? Well, you have a couple options here when you are adding 18 and over nightclub setting to the mix you currently have. You can add new under 21 customer base on a separate night, or you can “add to the mix”. Adding 18 and over to the over twenty one crowd has its own set of problems.

And don’t think that because you live in a town that has a college or two, that economic conditions like described above will not affect you. Remember, these students are not twenty one until their last year. Figure half of them don’t drink,(Yikes) or are anti-social, which don’t leave many. Then figure what part of those are staying at the dorms for their own party, and then figure how many that are left are coming to your club? See what I mean?
So the 18 and over, or should I say the 18 to 20 crowd can’t get a drink because that’s what the wrist bands are for, right? Not exactly! They may not be able to get a drink from the bar, or from the wait staff, but who’s to say that a patron over twenty one doesn’t get one for them!! Now you’re in deep shit!

Furthermore, it’s imperative in 18 and over nightclubs, that the 18 and over don’t come through the door intoxicated. Or, what if they try and sneak in the alcohol in their purse, or their coat, especially in the winter.

When adding 18 and over nightclub setting to the mix, you can see some problems are starting.

To alleviate potential problems like this, I would recommend that you install a security camera system. This way, if you as a night club owner ever get accused of providing alcohol to a customer under 21, there is a good possiblity you have proof on tape that you didn’t.

In the event a patron over twenty one provides alcohol to a minor, they should be arrested. Yes arrested. And you should post this at the front door! This way they understand the ramifications of their actions.

Coats and purses should be checked before admittance too for the under 21 customers. You need to distance yourself from the appearance of impropriety.You need to run a strict organization under these circumstances.

Now, what will your customers think? Well, that’s a toss up. Generally, the guys will like it. Younger girls are impressed with older guys, and that’s that. As far as women go, they may like a younger boy to play with too. Who knows?

I know some clubs don’t go as far as eighteen. Many go nineteen and some go twenty.

Now the upside! What a cash cow!!! Yes, a cash cow! 18 and over nightclubs have a whole new audience to draw from. And because of their inability to drink, and you to make money on them, there is no other way to make money other then a hefty door cover charge. (And the problem is?????) I thought so, none!

Depending on where you live, you are going to get a ten to twenty dollar cover charge. Your gross will love this! And the hell with gross, how about those profit dollars!

You have now tapped into a demographic that originally you never looked at. And there are tons of this demographic out there. This crowd wants to have fun, and usually has a lot of disposable income.(from their parents) And, they are coming out EVERY weekend!

This is all “food for thought”. Don’t rush without thinking about it. There are pros and cons on this subject.

Adding an 18 and over nightclub setting can be introduced in different ways also.
Separating days can also be a good thing with less potential problems. Check it out. Always leave your options open. You never know. But adding 18 and over nightclubs to your mix can be very profitable.
Adding 18 and over nightclubs can also be permanent. Read more about teen clubs here.

“The belief in a thing makes it happen.”

- Frank Lloyd Wright

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  2. Sharonda says:

    Assuming that one is debating whether to add the 18 and over into the 21 and over mix, how can one find out if it is a good idea?

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