After Hours Clubs BYOB

After hours clubs byob are very similar to teen clubs but different.

These clubs generally have the same premise as the teen club, but you are dealing with adults.

They along with the teen clubs, became very popular in eighties, and along with teen clubs for the most part, were mismanaged and got a bad reputation. It was just as easy to open one of these as described in the teen club section.

If you couldn’t afford to open a regular night club with a liquor license, you could open an after hours club byob, at a third of the cost if not less.

But, because of mismanagement, these after hours byob clubs more then earned their bad reputation. And although there are not the repercussions of dealing with children like in the teen clubs, you now are dealing with adults that have been drinking all night in the regular night clubs, and are now coming to you for a few hours. Your after hours clubs byob security

becomes a paramount issue.

Now you have adults doing adult things. And now you are dealing with people who in reality, have had way too much to drink.

Mismanagement under these circumstances now can really cause problems. And of course, another highly profitable business is ruined by idiots.

We keep coming down to the main topic of this site and that is education. What is wrong about learning an industry before you work in it?

What makes people think that there is nothing to learn in the night club industry? Education is a good thing, and something to proud of. Why people fight it in this industry, I’ll never know. And after hours clubs byob, are no exception.
Unfortunately, because of mismanagement, some cities and even states have outlawed the after hours clubs byob, or changed zoning in such a way that they can’t be opened.

Law enforcement, community leaders, and city councils have had many problems with this type of night club.

If owners would first learn, then open a club, we would all be better off. It’s always these so-called know it alls that ruin it for the rest of us. These are businesses! They have to be managed professionally and responsibly. You need to operate a strict after hours club byob, with a little bit of levity.

Once you become an “anything goes” after hours club, or you hire unqualified people for security, you mind as well start packing up. Operate a club so everyone can have a safe, and fun time, and you will always make money.

Make sure your after hours club maintenance is up to snuff too.

Your community won’t mind your after hours club byob if it’s taken care of. And you will be a proud, and might I say, a well to do owner.

Always keep in mind that the draw to these types of clubs is “boy meets girl”. This concept is universal in the night club industry, in life, and it goes for after hours clubs byob too. Why else are they coming to your place after the bars have close? Believe me, it’s not so they can drink more. They want to meet someone!

You need to provide that kind of environment. Open something cozy, insure their security, make sure you play two or three slow songs per hour, and instill the word “fun” into your after hours club.

You won’t require as large of a space for games, but you will still need them. You will also want to incorporate some areas that are a little darker, a little more quiet, and little more cozy. Get it?

With the after hours clubs byob reputations tarnished by amateurs, the desire for customers to go to these types of places might not be very strong. You are the only one that determine that.

If you have the need and customer base, make sure you run it as professionally as you would a full fledged night club. The premise is the same. You are providing entertainment.

So you need to have promotions, giveaways, a variety of music, pool tables and a variety of arcade games, etc.

In closing, make sure you do your homework and figure out if there is a need in your area. It might be a nice concept, but if you don’t have the market for it, and all the hope in the world isn’t going to change it.

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