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We all know that maintaining your health in life is the utmost importance. In the bar/nightclub business, this is especially true. Why? Because let’s face it, your lifestyle is far from what the normal is. Keeping your health as a bar manager is a very important task.

Let’s review. You work generally nights, probably smoke more then the average person, inhale tons of second hand smoke on top of that, probably drink more then your fare share, don’t get enough quality sleep, just to name a few. See where I am heading?

To let you know ahead of time, I am not no health fitness guru. No, I have slacked in my life too.

You’ll find that when you’re young, you think your health is of least importance. You can conquer the world, right?

Our bodies can really take a beating. Especially when you are young. The saying goes “youth is wasted on the young”. I concur. ha ha

Putting your body through what I described in the above paragraph takes a toll on you, even if you don’t realize it, it does. They say “everything in moderation” is ok. Well, I don’t know about everything, but I can agree with that statement for the most part.

You don’t have to go crazy to stay healthy. But try. When you exercise, your endurance increases, you are more alert, you look GOOD, and your function much better overall.

As you can see, your health is compromised more then the average person. So do something about it before it’s too late.

The doctors office’s and hospital’s are full of people saying two things. “Why me” is the first one and “I wish I would of…”is the second one. There is no rhyme or reason you need to be one of these people.

Quit smoking now, drink in moderation, and structure your lifestyle so that you get a good night sleep. Or should I say a good day sleep.

Watch your diet. In this business, we tend to eat on the run, and eat stuff that isn’t great for us. And exercise! Please! You don’t have to go crazy, but do something. I want you around so you can keep reading my new stuff. OK?

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