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I never would of thought I would be writing a page like bar question answers. It comes from the different search terms viewers use to find information, and the search term ends up bringing them to my site. So bar question answers was born.

Everyone uses different terms to find something. Some of these “search terms” that brought people to this site are a little different. I’m happy it brought more viewers to my site, but I am not quite sure their question was answered because the way the search term was written. They seemed really confused about what they were searching for. Bar question answers page is going to try and help.

So, I’m going to start listing some of the search terms and provide answers to them. Hopefully bar question answers will help out.

One of the the most common search terms is “how to become or train to be a nightclub manager”. Although this is covered throughout the web site, the simple answer is “experience and education”.

I write about education being the most important thing you can have in any profession. I wish I was more of a studious person as a young man. Aaahh, regrets.

Anyway, the food and beverage industry is all about experience. Doing many different jobs, and actually seeing first hand what works well and what doesn’t work. This comes from experience. There is no possible way someone could explain and teach you these things about different aspects of this business without you doing the job yourself. Oh I could explain it, but you would not understand or appreciate what I am saying unless you have done it yourself.

Working many different positions that this business has to offer takes time. I don’t mean months, I mean years. I call it, paying your dues.

Hand in hand with your experience, a mentor would be nice to have. That doesn’t come very easily. If you are fortunate to have a boss that takes you under his or her wing, be very grateful. Most people won’t give that kind of time or attention to someone. But if you are a hard worker, have a nice personality, have a little street smarts, and you are not a know it all, you may find that mentor.

Or, you can try and find someone like me. But, most people can’t relocate or can afford to pay for the training. The best way is cheap and easy. Work in the industry! You may even find after working in it, you don’t like it.

I have had people request a crash course from me but have always refused. The cost is usually prohibitive for most. I’ve decided to write a manual to help with this subject. I can’t even believe I said that out loud. I have never thought of myself as a writer. But I am going to give it a try and see how I do. Tgis industry is so involved, and much more then people realize. Putting everything in writing, well, will be a long book.

That will answer one of the requests I get in many different forms. Now to move onto the next one.

Another search term I get in many different varieties is the subject of “what a shot is”. Bar question answers is, I have covered this but with the search terms some people use, I think they are getting the information I have provided, but I will do a real short explanation and right to the point.

A shot of liquor was for years considered one ounce. After all, years ago there were not all the different sizes of glasses available and no fancy ones for sure. Everyone used an eight ounce glass, filled it to the top with ice, and poured a shot (one ounce) in the glass and filled the balance with a mixer (coke, tonic, sprite, etc.).

These days, what a shot is to me at my place is not necessarily a shot to you in your place. For example, if you provide to your customers what I have just explained above, then your shot is one ounce.

But, if you use a twelve ounce glass, you could never pour a one ounce shot. The glass is so large that a one ounce shot plus the mixer, would end up a bad drink because you would never be able to taste the liquor.

Therefore, you need to adjust the shot you pour to an ounce and a half in a twelve ounce glass. Now, when someone asks you for a shot, your shot is actually an ounce and a half. Get it?

A shot for me is not necessarily the same shot for you.

The next search term is information about POS Systems (point of sale). It’s the 2000’s way of saying cash register. Here is my take on this bar question answers.

The people who sell and manufacture these items are not going to like me on this one, but here goes in the bar question answers.

I can ring up more drinks faster and easier with a cash register then with any POS System. They are cumbersome, have computer glitches, you have to find what you are looking for, then go to the modifier window to add the mix, and then go to another window to cash them out. Splitting a check, or paying for part cash and part credit card is a pain too.

What ever happened to the bartender remembering the drink prices and just ringing the customer up? I’m not a fan. They try and tell you that it will stop theft and it will pay for itself. WRONG!

Bar question answers is here to tell you I could rob you blind, and so could other experienced bar people, and you would never know it or catch me.

These systems are an accountants dream. But an accountant isn’t the one pouring the drinks and waiting on the customers.

However, they are great for keeping track of tabs. But they are cumbersome splitting tabs, shared pay, voiding items, and many more things.

Do many places have POS Systems? Yes. Do they all need them? No.

If you are thinking about buying one, do your homework. If you become serious about it, call Micros. They are the best and least cumbersome to use and to learn. However, there are many people out there that try to use the Micros name by tweaking it a little and selling themselves as Micros systems. Buyer beware!

The one that comes to mind is Micros Sale. Not affiliated with Micros at all and believe me no where near the system. Like anything else, buyer beware.

Finally, in this systems, after you spend about six thousand dollars per unit, you have no choice to spend another couple thousand dollars a year in maintenance contracts for life.

If you buy one, buy a cash register for a back up is my advice. When bean counters start bartending, I will quit bitching about POS Systems. And with the technology today, they should be able to make them much more user friendly.

Another frequently asked bar question answers is how much money does it cost to build a nightclub. The question is awful vague. And of course, everything is relevant. It all depends on how elaborate you want to go. Or, you can put it this way, it all depends on how much money you have.

If you live in a small town, with lower property values, and the cost of a liquor license isn’t out of site, you could possibly build a small 5k square foot nightclub for 100k. Now this isn’t an over the top club. But it would be fine in an area like this. And the prices go up from there.
Another subject I get many information requested for is “how to obtain a liquor license” Bar question answers is this. It varies from State to State. Some States you can but directly from the State. Some States they limit just so many based on the population in the city or county you live in. And on and on.

Pricing is the same way. Every State has an ABC office or a Liquor Control Board. Contact your State Government on the web or go to you local city building. They will direct you to the office you need and you can ask all your questions. You will find that many of your questions will be answered on the State’s web page.

What are average liquor prices? is another search term that is used frequently that I will answer here at bar question answers. Although I have explained this in my site, hopefully, they read it and understand now. But here’s a condensed version.

There is none! What you charge for a drink depends on the percentage of profit you want to make. In addition, your area will dictate your percentage of profit also. Also, the price of liquor will vary area to area.

Look at it this way. Just say the few guys down the street have there own places and they didn’t know how to price their drinks. Each of you copied each other, and none of you did it right. Does this make sense to you? In other words, if Johnny jumped off a cliff, would you follow him?

Learn more here at setting drink prices.

At bar question answers, I just received from a club owner in New York was where do I get more nuts and bolts information. Everyone it seems does an overview but not particulars.

Well, I don’t blame the person for wanting more information. That’s a good thing. But as I have mentioned many times in my pages, everything is relevant. What I mean by this is the information you require, may not be the same as what someone else would require.

In bar question answers, it is difficult to cover possible topic and every possible circumstance. Many questions that people have are unique to them. The information I provide is pretty general with an average amount of specifics. The balance of what many require is specific to them. Either that, or they are not reading all the pages.

This person even said they were willing to pay for more specifics. My advice is to hire a consultant to address your specific bar questions and concerns. They can call me and we can do a phone conversation for as long as they need, or they can call someone else. My feelings won’t be hurt.

I would have replied directly to this person, but instead of using the contact page, they used the survey page of which they’re was no request for an email address. I just changed that. It’s not a required field, but some people get confused and ask a question on the Survey Page instead of the Contact page.

Then, when they don’t get a reply, they think I just didn’t reply. Yes, I do reply to questions that are fairly easy to reply to. If a question or a subject is involved, it’s too hard to reply and explain by email, and I respond and tell them so. Remember, I can’t reply if you don’t leave an email address. In bar question answers I will add more as the questions come.

Best Wishes

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