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There is nothing better then great tasting bar snacks. Below are some bar snack idea’s that is something you can give away at the bar, or sell, and your customers will really enjoy.

I have good luck with the following items and thought I would share them with you. Actually, they became so popular that people would come in for happy hour, or a special promotion, looking for these tasty treats.

Although there are many items on the market, the key to delicious and different bar snack idea’s, like your general menu food, is to produce food that is tasty. I mean real tasty! And for a giveaway type food, it has to be inexpensive so you can justify the expense.

By providing these some of these snack idea’s, you will enhance you bar trade, and many times tempt the customer to order a meal. If you do both, cha ching!

Is your mouth watering yet? Give me a minute, and it will. The one I will talk about is chicken wings.

Chicken wings can be used as great bar snack ideas too.

I know you already know this, but check out the page and read this information. Using a small chicken wing, with my great sauce recipe, is always a hit at the bar. You don’t give them a full order. You use small 6″ paper plates, and put three wings on a plate, and let them have a taste. They WILL end up ordering a full order for themselves.

Please note. Prepare and plate them in the kitchen. Depending on how large your bar is, and how many customers there are, prepare say fifteen plates. Place ONE plate in front of each couple of customers. This way, your customers will have the opportunity to eat one or two, to tempt their tummy.

It also shows them how good they are. So, even if they don’t place a full order at the time, the next time they think of wings, they will think of you.
The second item I have used for snack idea’s is homemade potato chips! I’m telling you, to die for! I’m going to tell you how to do it. It’s easy, you get a great response from your customers, wonderful with a bottle of bar, and talk about inexpensive.

Before we go any further, let me remind you that these are snack idea’s for bar snacks! They are not to be offered in unlimited supplies! The idea is to ENTICE your customers to either come back, buy food, or buy a drink. Bar snacks are not intended to be a meal. Just a little tease!

Back to the potato chips. If you have never eaten homemade potato chips, you are going to love this as much as the customer.

Most restaurants use 100 count bakers for meals. It’s a great baked potato, and makes great homemade french fries. Also, it’s the perfect size as far as I’m concerned. Some restaurants use 80 count bakers, but I think they are too big. Just a personal opinion.

If you are not familiar with this, contact your food service company and tell them you want a box of 100 count bakers. They’ll send you what you need.

The great thing about potato’s as part of your snack idea’s is their cost. One potato will cost you about 12 cents each, depending on where you live. And potato’s go a long way!

Ready? OK Rinse off the potato’s. Put on the slicer, one at a time, and slice really really thin. Then remove your basket from your deep fryer, and put the potato slices in. The trick here is to separate the potato slices from each other so they cook separately.Potato slices tend to stick together.

Now they are going to cook really fast, because you sliced them really thin, right?Now, scoop the potato chips out of the deep fryer with a long handle ladle. Take a large bowl and line it with paper towels and put your fresh potato chips in there to absorb some of the oil.

Here comes the good part. Now salt. You can use regular table salt, or, my favorites are cajun seasoning, or season salt. Both you can buy at the grocery store or from your food service provider.

Make sure you salt as evenly as you can. Toss around in the bowl. Now place in small bowls or use a paper 5 pound food tray. Place around the bar and watch your customers go wild! I had people want to buy them by bulk from me. I chose not to do that.

The next item on our snack idea’s agenda we are going to talk about is meat balls. Yes, you heard me right. Most people like meatballs. In today’s food service companies, they offer a few brands, that come in different sizes, that are PRECOOKED!

Buy the smallest meatball you can. They generally come frozen in a 10 pound box, and they too are inexpensive. Thaw them out, and spaghetti sauce, heat up, and place a few in a monkey dish, sprinkle a little romano cheese, put in a toothpick in each, and put out on the bar. People love them. It’s fast, easy, tasty, and inexpensive.

I have had a few people ask me what a monkey dish is. A monkey dish is a small that you might put a side of dressing in. Basically, a small bowl. The idea is to put them in a serving container that will hold only a few meatballs.

I hope you are enjoying these bar snack idea’s so far. My mouth is watering already and we have a couple more to go. Ready?

The next item on the snack idea’s menu is garlic bread. Wait a minute here. Don’t say, Oh, just garlic bread. Do it my way, and your bar customers will absolutely love this.

Go to your local grocery store and buy a GOOD loaf of Italian bread. Or better yet, a loaf of french bread. I know, you want to know how I go from Italian bread to french bread. OK, here’s the deal.

The idea is to put small portions of tasty bar snacks on the bar. Depending on where you live, the Italian bread you may find in your are may be large and fat. Here, the idea would be after it is done, you would need to cut up into smaller pieces. You try to have the least amount of work to do as possible.

Some grocery stores make a smaller, less fat loaf, and would work better. This is where the french bread comes in. You see, french bread is a long, skinny, loaf. Generally, you can just cut into slices, and not have to cut into even smaller pieces.

I used to buy fresh Italian rolls for my sanwiches. I think the roll makes the sandwich. So, since I would only serve fresh food, the rolls that were a day old, I would make into garlic bread, cut into small pieces, and put into baskets on the bar. Talk about a hit!

So know that you have your bread, cut into slices between a half an inch to an inch thick, no more. Spread butter on top, sprinkle on garlic salt, sprinkle on a light coating of romano cheese, and then a light sprinkle of parsley.

Put under the broiler and toast. If you are using a larger bread, cut into bite size pieces, put into baskets, on place on the bar. Believe me, you’ll be a hit! This are great tasting bar snacks.

You won’t believe the last snack idea’s. One of the all time bar snack idea’s I have ever put out. Home Fries! Can’t believe it? Do it my way and they’ll begging you for more. Just don’t give it to them! Just a taste will do. The bar snacks are not supposed to be a meal. Remember, you are in business to make money! You want them to eat or drink more. Hopefully both. Cha ching!

We’re back to those inexpensive potato’s again. Aren’t they great!

Let’s get out those 100 count bakers again. Rinse them off, and bake them off. If you like, you can microwave them. Cook them slightly less then done. Just a little firm.

When they are done, cut them into small mouth size pieces. Put into a bowl, add a little butter, or Whirl, which I prefer. Now to flavor. Go to the store, or your food service provider, and buy some Montreal Steak Seasoning. Sprinkle this on the potato’s. Spoon the potato’s into monkey dishes, add tooth pics, and put out on the bar. You will be a hit! Add some fried onions and it’s like heaven. By the way, the Montreal Steak Seasoning is fabulous! Try it on your steaks and people will think you have the best steaks in town.
These are some of my favorite bar snack idea’s to use. try them, and I think you will agree that you will get a reputation of the best bar snack idea’s in town. Talk to you soon

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