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I get a lot of mail which I try to answer in a timely manner. A lot of beginner questions, but many questions are very specific. The specific question is either someone wanting an answer to a topic or a second opinion. It is generally someone already in the business.

But the beginner questions are all the same generally. Just a multitude of questions. Also, they are very open ended questions. I don’t think you the beginners, are aware that the question you ask is one that cannot be answered because you do not know all the information you have left out in order for me to answer the question.

So this page is for the beginner questions. And I am going to give you the answer to all of your questions right here and now. And this is the answer I have written many, many times.

So here it is in a nut shell. “Experience”

I know, I know, you want to have me say more. Please read this as it is so important. I used to tell my kids when they were younger that they were part of the now generation. Yes, I was being sarcastic! I told them that they want everything “NOW”.

Life doesn’t work that way. Now to show you the difference between generations, when I was young, (those were the days) my father taught me to start at the bottom, work hard, pay attention, and it will come. He was right! That’s what I did. And I sacrificed many parties, and many weekends and holidays, and family get togethers to learn the trade, while friends were out enjoying their youth. Are willing to make this sacrifice?

Life is full of choices. Every choice you make will determine your future. I Promise!

You see, you have beginner questions, and by me giving you an answer to a question you have, doesn’t help you at all, to a point. I give you the answer but you have no idea why I gave you that answer. There is a reason for these answers. And if you don’t understand the reason, how can you manage or own a bar/nightclub?

My best advice, for beginner questions, as I have said many times in my web site is to gain the knowledge and experience, by doing. By working in the industry you will see first hand how things operate. You will begin to see it for yourself and understand why things are done that way.

And if you work in a bar/nightclub that really isn’t managed so well, you will also see why. You will see first hand, a manager make a decision that you maybe thought it was the wrong decision, and what you would have done, and why.

You may actually think that Manager was wrong, saying to yourself, “I wouldn’t have done it that way”, only to find out as time goes by that the Manager was right, and you were wrong. And to understand this, it takes time where you gain the experience and education in this industry.

Does it take time? You betcha! But it is time well spent, believe me.

If today you were thrown into manage a bar/nightclub and you had to make decisions for your staff, from the janitor to the security guard, how could you make those decisions, unless you have done the job yourself before? Well?

Every decision you will need to make affects something.

Your decisions have to make sense for the business. They have to be sound, legal, morally right, and insure the safety of your staff and guests. So I will ask you again, how can you do this without the experience? Whether your young or a little older, do yourself a favor and get the experience. By doing so, you will become a very wise, and profitable business person.

Your beginner questions will get answered if you get a job and do every position. The janitor, the bar back, the bartender, the marketer, the head bartender, the door, the Asst. Manager, and then all of a sudden you are the Manager! And as you fill the shoes of a Manager, every decision you make will then be the right one because you will be able to say “been there, done that”.

Think of it this way. If you had a home that you wanted to build an addition on to, and the carpenter wasn’t experienced, would you want him to do the work for you?

If you needed an operation, would you want the person who just started medical school to perform it, or a surgeon with twenty years of experience? See what I mean?

As I write this, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression that I don’t want to help. But I can’t give someone thirty years of experience, in an email. Everyone has to pay their dues, so begin your journey. It will be fun, you will make money, and you will become really smart.

To help with some beginner questions, along with more advanced subjects, write me and I’ll answer as fast as I can.

I wish you good health, wealth, and prosperity.

You have a lot of beginner questions but start here, at the beginning, and read all you can .

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