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Bar Lighting

Your Bar Lighting Primer

A bit of soft lighting with warm oranges or flickering candles creates just the kind of intimacy that you want for your bar or pub. For booths, candles in glass containers can create intimate nooks for young friends or lovers. (Be careful that you don’t overdo it however, unless you don’t mind having all out face sucking going on in the corners of your pub.)

Stage Lighting Example at Amerika Disco

Stage Lighting Basics for your Bar or Nightclub

If you hire a promoter for your live acts or deejays, they may also take on this function and have a lot to recommend about the stage lights for his bands but this should only be a short term solution unless you intend to make the promoter a permanent part of your establishment.

Pendant Lights and Underbar Lights

Nightclub and Bar Lighting Products

I thought it might be useful to offer a list all the kinds of lighting products and lighting related products you might consider for your bar or nightclub. So the following list covers everything from types of light controller or RGB controller to recessed lights.

Ceiling Lights for Nightclubs

Nightclub Ceiling Lights

Much of the lighting for dance floors comes from ceiling lights. From cutting edge LED ceiling lighting systems to some more basic ideas for ceiling configurations, ceiling lights play a disproportionate role in determining your club’s overall atmosphere. Knowing how to combine different kinds of ceiling lights is crucial for creating the effects that you want for your dance club, nightclub or bar. So, in order to help you get some sense of what the options for your nightclub design are, here is a primer on ceiling lighting.

DJ Lighting Booth at Vespas

DJ Lighting

In fact, if you want to be a top flight dance club, with state of art sound and a distinctive experience for your clients, then you need to integrate the DJ light with the club lighting. A couple of strobes on T-stands may be okay for a Holiday Inn on Cabo San Lucas but it will not draw lines of well-dressed partiers on Friday night.

Floor lighting

Floor Lighting for Your Nightclub or Disco

Floor lighting is one of the designer lighting features that distinguish many nightclubs and discos. We need only remember John Travolta doing the Shuffle on that distinctive fluorescent checkerboard dance floor in Saturday Night Fever and an entire era is summarized—the icon image of 1970’s Disco Generation. But floor lighting can have several uses and not all of them have simply to do with aesthetics. Many floor lighting features are a must for safety as well.

Can Lights on Stage at Hi Ho Lounge

Can Lights for Your Bar or Nightclub

Can lights are a good way of creating a mood for your bar or nightclub. They can drop an intimate dimness onto booths or create roving beams onto the dance floor. If you have live music, mounted light can arrays are perfect for placing your spots and if you have a disco, they are a must.

Night Club Pro Guide to Strobe Lights for Your Club or Disco

Night Club Pro Guide to Strobe Lights for Your Club or Disco

What you want is a strobe that you can program to flash in the way that you want them to flash. In other words, a good strobe can be programmed to create sustained, blinding flashes at climactic moments or medium rapid flashes during build up, or even the rat-tat-tat of a machine gun fire like sequence to mimic sudden drum exchanges or intros. (Think of the bridge section of Phil Collins “Air of Night” that was so popular in the 80’s—a perfect spot for a choreographed strobing.)

Lighting Chandelier

The Nightclub Lighting Chandelier for Your Bar or Nightclub

If you have a high ceilinged club where you want to create a feeling of spacious elegance, you should definitely look into getting crystal chandeliers. Cascading chrystal chandeliers hanging over banister stairways or off coffered ceilings of a luxurious lounge conjure the kind of exclusive air that patrons will pay extra to be a part of.

Software Lighting Example

Lighting Software for Your Bar or Nightclub

Software for lighting is what allows you to program every sweep of the spotlights, every blast of the air horn and every wave of flashing LED floor panels. It is what can give your dance club that super cool, 22nd century vibe or make your patrons feel like they are at an all-night rave. When poorly done, it can also make your dance club feel like a middle school dance. So it is not something to be ignored.