Choosing the Right Equipment for Your New Bar

Owning or running a bar can be a dream job for some people, and is often the culmination of many years of hard work and experience in the industry. After sourcing the relevant funding and finding a desirable locale for a new premises, the next step is in furnishing the bar – ensuring that it is fully equipped to meet the needs of both customers and staff.

A well-stocked bar should be replete with all essentials. It goes without saying that glassware will be the first port-of-call for any bartender. It’s important to stock a wide variety of glasses, suited to the drinks on offer in the establishment (nobody wants to be served a glass of wine in a half-pint beer
glass or vice-versa). Ensuring that you order enough spares is a must – glasses are often accidentally dropped or smashed in bars, by staff and customers alike. Ensure any glassware you purchase is durable and meets stringent safety standards.

There are many other equipment needs to consider. For a bar offering cocktails and mixed drinks, it’s worthwhile implementing a dedicated cocktail rail behind the bar, to be stocked up with all manner of mixers, pourers, shakers, strainers and rimmers – all on hand and readily accessible.
Other essential items include bottle openers and corkscrews, to ice buckets and countertop mats for soaking up any spillages.

Of course, it goes without saying that health and hygiene are paramount to the running of a successful, popular bar. Cleaning supplies are required in order to keep both customer and staff areas clean, fresh and tidy. In addition to keeping areas clean and tidy (as well as safe), the glassware needs to be in perfect condition too – which means that the purchasing of good, dependable
dishwashing hardware is imperative in keeping glasses in an impeccable condition.

Hardware is an important consideration for any bar owner. Wine coolers, refrigeration units, beer dispensers, traps, sinks, and ice makers are all necessary components when it comes to running things smoothly. Of course, in order to keep any profits safe, bartenders are going to need a cash register also. To know more about commercial equipment for a bar you can consider visiting Fridge Freezer Direct website.

When running a bar, the devil is quite often in the detail – so remember not to forget about smaller essentials, such as beermats, straws, napkins and bar towels, as these can make all the difference to your punters.

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