Combo Pack

NEW – Combo Pack Special

My NEW-Combo Pack was put together because of all the requests for more information I receive. And the emails keep coming in asking for help on all different subjects.

In addition, I have people write and don’t know which one of my guides to purchase? They require a lot of information and want to educate themselves the best they can. I am proud of you all with your determination.

You want to be successful don’t you? You don’t want to jump in, make mistakes and fail do you? I didn’t think so. So I am here to help with a this NEW COMBO PACK

What to do, what to do? So, I put together a remarkable package that will leave no stone unturned! And it will SAVE you a lot of money!

My Combo Pack I think is the answer as there has been a lot of interest in my information guides as people seek out knowledge to educate themselves. In doing so, many people are having to choose which product they want to buy as buying all four can be a little expensive. So I have put together This NEW COMBO PACK which includes my:

Nightclub Management Guide (purchased separately $34.95)

How To Start Your Own Bar/Nightclub (purchased separately $29.95)

How To Start A Teen Club (purchased separately $24.95)

Figuring Costs and Percentages (purchased separately $19.95)

Chicken Wing Recipe (purchased separately $9.95)

Nightclub/Bar Names collection (purchased separately $9.95)

Total Value $130

But, buy the Combo Pack today for $69 That’s a $61 savings! What a deal!.

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