Please, I Need Help!

Please, I need help, is the largest request I get on my contact page. I get anywhere from a few sentences, to a few page scenario about their problem.

Now for those of you that just have questions about how involved it is to get into this industry, and you’re curious, I can speak with you in order for you to comprehend some of the things to consider. Too many times people don’t realize all that is involved and this gives them a better understanding of the industry. SIgn up below and we’ll talk about it!

And for those of you that are in business already and want to bounce a couple of thoughts around, I can help you there too. Sometimes as owners you are too close to a problem to see it. A fresh set of ears are here to listen to your situation and may be able to give you a new prospective.

I actually can help in a variety of ways, but I can’t teach you all that I know over the phone or in an email. If you would like to learn the business, I have repeated many times in my web site how crucial it is to get the experience and education. You have to put in the time. There really are no short cuts here.

And hopefully you just don’t jump in and go for it without any education. I have seen that too many times and the result is not good, to say the least.

I get many letters asking me questions which I can reply if the question is fairly simple and I can give an answer that is short. But for those of you that have a lot of questions, and need things explained, I offer telephone consulting by the half hour block of time. Honestly, most of the time a half an hour will not be enough time for you to ask all the questions you have, and get the answers. But we can start there.

Payment of telephone services to be made in advance through PayPal. They accept many types of payment and even offer check by phone. In addition, you will be responsible of the telephone call itself. Just press the PayPal button below and purchase the time you would like. Then, fill out the form below. Once I receive all of this I will contact you by email to confirm the time of our telephone meeting. It really is that simple.

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