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After you have learned how to cock chicken wings, make sure you read my most important section on club management.

Cooking chicken wings are one of many snack idea’s. Would anyone in the world ever believe that this item would ever become so popular?? All these years later and they are still a staple on most menus. Cooking chicken wings seems to be a problem for many though. Many times, you may learn from someone who don’t know what they are doing. This is why this is one of my top ten visited pages.

The sauce recipe has become a guarded secret to many. It’s like when they have a chili cook off. Everyone has their own secret recipe. Bar-b-que is the same way. Ooohhh the almighty secret recipe.

The problem with many people cooking chicken wings is they just got their recipe from someone else, who generally speaking, never have eaten buffalo chicken wings. And of course, you know what I am going to say next, your right, they think they all have the best!

If this is so, why do you go to so many places and they are just, OK. Or in some circumstances, just plain bad. Now, if you tell that to the owner, or the guy that whipped up this recipe, they will of course, tell you how many pounds they sell and continue to tell you their customers love them. People actually get defensive about cooking chicken wings and their sauce recipe!

As I have tried to teach you in this business, you have to keep an open mind, and be willing to learn. You can’t stay closed minded! And cooking chicken wings is no different.

We’ll be talking more about food and snacks in upcoming pages, but thought I would start out with something simple like chicken wings.

Many people that own or operate bars or restaurants actually don’t know too much about food.

In fact, you would be surprised how many people in this industry actually try to learn from their food salesman. There’s nothing wrong with that if the salesman has come from the restaurant business, and not from another salesman’s position. Because when that happens, a salesman is a salesman is a salesman. Even something as simple as cooking chicken wings, your information needs to be right.

These are a great item for your menu. I actually know of a place that sells almost entirely all chicken wings. You can sell them as a snack, a meal, different sizes, different portions, and different flavors. There are not very many food products you can do that with.

I know, I know, you want the recipe. Be patient, we’ll get there. Let’s first talk about the basics and cooking chicken wings.

First lets talk about pack size. If you are buying from a commercial food service company, you will find they are sold in 40lb boxes. Some of them are going to come in one big bag inside the box. Some are going to come packed 4 10lb bags in a box.

And there’s more! Can you believe it?

You can buy chicken wings fresh or frozen. If someone trys to sell you fresh frozen, there is no such thing! They are just telling you that they were once fresh, ready to go bad, so they had to freeze them, so they wouldn’t lose money. So they are not fresh frozen! There just plain frozen!

Now the difference between fresh and frozen.

Well, there is, and there isn’t a difference. Let me explain. You see, when cooking chicken wings, the integrity is the same really. You would never know the difference. There is usually, one main problem that customers hate. That is what looks like blood on the bone.

After a frozen one is cooked, after you bite into it and get down to the bone, the bone many times is red. Many people think it’s not cooked, when if fact it is. The freezing does something and releases a little red that comes out of the bone. Customers assume the chicken hasn’t been cooked long enough.

Sometimes this happens to a greater degree then other times. Why, I don’t know? But there’s nothing wrong with it. For me, I buy fresh ones. But if you don’t sell enough to go through your inventory, you’ll have to freeze them yourself in order they don’t go bad before the use date.

The second thing you need to know about cooking chicken wings is their size. A food service salesman will generally give you an option on the size of wing you would like to buy. This decision depends on your use as wings can be used for many things.

You usually have three choices. Small, medium, and large. They are sold by the number of wings per pound. For example, 14-16 wings per pound would be considered a small wing. Not a lot of meat here. Great for appetizers, parties, or if you like, a meal that you can price inexpensively.

Next, you may have a medium size wing that would be a 10-12 count per pound. Probably the most popular. Meaty, nice size, and filling.

And finally, the jumbo wing, usually a 8-10 count. Some people call them a roaster wing. This my friends is a tasty, meaty, and a filling meal.

So you definitely have some choices. Please note that the count per pound may vary, depending on your distributor. But you get the drift on how sizing is determined.

Finally, the cooking. Yes, I mean the actual cooking of the chicken wings. Did you ever go for wings, and when they come out the skin is real mushy? See what I mean.

Chicken wings have to be cooked until very crispy. And of course, the size of wings you have will determine how long it will take to cook. The bigger the wings, the longer they take to cook. Figure 15-20 minutes.

You need to make them crispy because you are going to be putting sauce on them. Under cooking is the biggest mistake people make.

Breaking News: The food service industry has come out with a PRE-COOKED chicken wing!!!! Hold on! Don’t say yuk. I tried it. It’s fabulous!! Instead of wing orders backed up in the kitchen taking 20 minutes each and your fryer oil taking a beating from all the orders, these come in frozen, and you cook from a frozen state.

No waste, no spoiling, and they cook up in 5 minutes!!!!!

The are delicious and you would never know the difference. I was a tough sell. I love many pre-cooked products but chicken wings?????? You can’t tell the difference.

These products are made by Pierce and Tyson. Equally as good, but the pierce product is cheaper and the pack is what you would be used to.

Oh happy days!!!!!!!!!!!
Cooking chicken wings as all a part of bar snacks, so click here to find out more.

Now the sauce recipe. This recipe is the BEST. It’s flavorful, but not overwhelming like some. It comes in three degrees of hotness. (is that a word?) Mild, medium, and hot. It’s thick enough to stay on, but not too runny and falls off. It’s just perfect. $9.95

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