Crowd Control – Are You Losing Money?

I know what you’re thinking. Crowd control, what a nice problem to have. Well, you’re half right.

You can always tell an amateur in this business by the huge crowd they have in their nightclub. I know, you are saying to yourself, that is the sign of a pro, right?

Not at all. Let me explain. The whole idea of your nightclub is to provide a great place, that your customers love to go, because you provide fun, great music and food. It’s always exciting there, your customer feels safe, and you always provide something new.

So, what is the purpose of jamming in as many people as possible into your nightclub? I’m still waiting for the answer.

Well, if you have thought about it, there is no good answer to that question.

You have to have crowd control. Here’s what really happens. You let so many people in the doors are bulging. Your customers can’t get a drink from the bartenders, they can’t get into the rest rooms, there is no room on the dance floor to dance, people are bumping into your customers and spilling drinks on them, and security can’t watch out for everyone.

Does this sound right to you

Of course not! The nightclub manager really doesn’t know what they are doing.

They are losing money by over crowding. Not to mention making their customers mad. If the customer can’t get to the bar, how are you going to make money? See what I mean?

We’ve all been to that place.

Did you like not being able to get a drink?

Did you like standing in line to go to the rest room?

Did you like not being able to move? Elbow to elbow.

Did you like not being able to dance?

Yes, get a good crowd in. But then, use crowd control and shut the door off. Put your security at the door and when one goes out, one comes in. Period!

The best part of this is you maintain a great crowd. The customer can dance, go to the bathroom, and buy drinks, and have FUN!

And you also create a desire by everyone to come to your club because they can’t get in. The line is out the door. Talk about good use of crowd control. Plus, your customers will start coming in earlier, so they in fact get in. If they come too late, they may not be able to get in at all.

Everyone wants to be at “The Place To BE”. Now do you understand. The nightclub operators that use over crowding, actually lose money. Keep your place busy and crowded. But after it comes to a point where it is border line functional, shut the door off!
Crowd control is part of nightclub management, so stop here for more information.

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