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Customer service is a term that many people believe they understand. It’s a no brainier, right? Think again. As we are primarily speaking about the service/hospitality industry, most people think it’s just about getting waited on timely and not having to wait too long for your food or drink.

That’s not the half of it. We are all the result of what we have been taught, clearly. If someone told the definition of customer service as I just explained, that is what you would believe. Period. But in the service/hospitality industry, and in my opinion all other industries too, customer service goes way beyond your perception.

Sure, the definition I described is part of it. But let’s go to reality and really examine this subject.

Customer service is what will define you and your business. It will set you apart from all others. It will determine your success and your future. I know, you are saying “what’s the big deal”. Let me explain.

You know as you go to different businesses, how you get treated and how helpful the business is to you. Better yet, think of this like this. Have you ever gone somewhere and all through your experience you keep saying to a friend, or to yourself for that matter, I can’t believe this! It’s the best customer service you have ever experienced and you really had a good time!

You just can’t believe how kind, or how helpful these people were. You have never experienced anything like this before! You are waiting for the hook, and there is none! Now you really can’t believe this. You call your friends and family when you go home. You tell everyone at the lodge or at the church. You tell everyone, and the best part, you continually go back yourself! That’s customer service.

How often does your restaurant, bar or nightclub provide this type of experience? This kind of customer service? Don’t think it’s all about going fast. It’s a personal touch. A real interest in you and what they can do to make your experience helpful. Do you get it now?

There are very few places that you can walk out of that you are going to be that happy. Someone making sure you are comfortable, do you need a cup of coffee, or can I hang your coat up for you. A manager or owner coming up to your table and not just saying is everything OK. But to look and see what’s wrong before they even come up to the table.

Offer people a small sample at no charge of a new menu item. Making a fresh pot of coffee because you know it’s been sitting for awhile. Seating your customer immediately. Helping them off with their coat. Sliding a couple of tables together because they need the room as they have kids and packages with them.

Going above and beyond the call of duty. They will come back and tell everyone they know.

Have a banquet department? How many times do you hear you staff apologizing for this or that? Someone forgot a table, didn’t think of the creamers. The lighting wasn’t set, or the serve time was late. You just say I’m sorry. No one wants to hear that!!

Sure, many will be polite and say that’s OK. But they are not coming back! And when someone is inquiring about where to have an event, believe me they are not going to suggest you. Period!These people paid good money to have their event. Do you think they need to hear your excuses about your short staffed, or you forgot, or the person setting up didn’t do it right. Would you like it? Would you go back? Would you tell others to go there? I don’t think so.

So now do you get it? It’s not all about how fast you get them their meal.

Remember, if you treat your customers as if they were guests in your homeyou will have success and a reputation that will last forever.
Customer service is all a part of management, so stop here for more information.

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