Does my nightclub need a website?

When it comes to nightclub marketing, one of the questions we hear most often is “Does my nightclub need a website?” The response is pretty simple, “Do you want more customers?”

Why Your Nightclub Needs a Website

The truth is by not having a website for your nightclub you’re missing out on a large amount of potential customers.

First off, by not having a nightclub website you are missing out on all the customers who are searching online for a business like yours. Every single day potential customers in your city are searching things nightclubs online. For example the phrase “Dallas Nightclub” was searched over 22,000 times in Google last month alone! Even more exact phrases like “Best Nightclub in Miami” has over 2000 searches a month! How would an additional two thousands customers help your bottom line? If you don’t have a website these customers aren’t finding your business but rather one of your competitors.

Also if your business doesn’t have a website your letting others determine your online reputation & branding. When your business doesn’t have a website one of the first things customers find when searching for your nightclub is online reviews from a site like Yelp or CitySearch. So right off the bat your potential customers are reading what a third-party has to say about your business and that’s not always a good thing. If you own or manage a nightclub do a quick test and “Google” your business name and read some of the reviews you find online. Is that really the first thing you want a potential customer to hear about your business?

Another reason that every nightclub needs a website is to generate more revenue. By having a website your nightclub is able to sell products or tickets online and this essentially creates another passive revenue stream for your establishment. For example, let’s say you were having some live entertainment at your club. Let’s say I’m interested in coming to the show but there’s a good chance I’ll forget about the show, possibly end up changing my mind the night of the show, or just think it will be too much of a hassle to wait in line for tickets.

This is where a website can come into play. By selling tickets for shows or club covers on your website, I would be able to purchase my ticket online and then all those reasons why I didn’t show up are now a mute point. You would be amazed at the increase in ticket sales a nightclub can have by marketing a live performance on a facebook or twitter page then immediately sending those customers to their website to make their purchase.

Those are just a few of the many reasons every nightclub needs a website and when it comes to getting a website there’s a few main things to look for. These include the overall cost, the ease of updating, social integration, and design quality.

Based on these requirements our two recommendations are either working with a local design firm or using a industry specialized company like

Both have their benefits so we made a list of the pro’s and con’s for both options and you can see what suits your business best.

Local Design Firm


  • If you want to work with a company face to face, a local web design firm is the best option.
  • When working with a local design firm you are generally supporting the local community.
  • Another perk of working with local design firms is the personal support; chances are you probably know your designers on a first name basis.


  • High initial and on-going costs are one of the biggest cons of local design firms. Most local website design companies have fees that start at a few thousand dollars for a project and charge a national average of $59 an hour for ongoing work.
  • Working with local design firms can result in extremely long turnaround times. The national average by private firms for website design and launch is 6-8 weeks. In the nightclub business time is money.
  • Most local web designers don’t specialize in marketing for nightclubs; this could be an issue when it comes to really getting the most out of your online marketing. Obviously marketing for a nightclub is very different than marketing for a lawyer.
  • Local design firms can really by a shot in the dark when it comes to their skill. Some are very talented while others aren’t. The last thing you want is a server issue that crashes your website or poor SSL security leaking your customers credit card numbers because your local design firm isn’t up to date on PCI compliance issues.
  • Most local design companies build a “one and done” website and then charge additionally for changes or added features. For example a website designed even a year ago likely didn’t have Pinterest integration, if you wanted this added most local design firms would charge you an hourly rate to have this added.

To find a local website designer search google for “Your City Website Design” where you use your cities name in place of Your City.


  • Lower Cost (including money back guarantee & long term contracts) – has much lower costs with design and setup fees as low as $250. Also you’re not locked into long term contracts and they offer a full money back guarantee.
  • They specialize in building websites and online marketing campaigns for Bars and Nightclubs. They understand the industry and know what works for this unique market when it comes to online marketing and developing effective websites.
  • The average turnaround time for a website is around a week due to dedicated designers, programmers, and a cloud based platform.
  • With you get multiple design options, your nightclub is essentially getting 10+ website designs for the price of one. Another perk is the ability to change your design at any time, so if releases a new design you like you can contact their support team and have it changed, so you know your web design will never look dated.
  • Bar Smash is constantly adding new features to their website platform at no cost to users. Things like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp integration all come standard with every website and more integrations are constantly added. You can see a more in-depth list of current integrations on their websites homepage.


  • If you are interested in sitting down for lunch with your web designer probably isn’t for you. That said every client does have a personal account manager they can work with, just not on a face to face basis.
  • Likely Not a Local Company – Bar Smash is a national provider of web design and marketing services to companies throughout the United States. Unless your nightclub is based out of Minneapolis you are not going to be working with a local company.

You can click here to view all the nightclub website packages from

Based on all of this our personal recommendation is With a professional company your business will never have to worry about things like security, poor support, or not having cutting edge features. Also the peace of mind of working with a company that specializes in nightclubs is a huge advantage. Either way if you don’t have a website for your nightclub, you need to make sure it’s the next step in your marketing plan.

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  1. Ieuan says:

    Hi there my Name is Ieuan Sadler and i would Like to set up my own NightClub Business in the Near Future, i would Like to be a Trampolining Teacher But i dont think that i will be able to do that at the moment because i got my Mum and Dad to reply to this Women about it and she hasn`t Replied back yet, and i would also Like to get into a Rock Band aswell but i dont think that i will be able to do that Either, but what i Really want to do in the Near Future is that i would really Like to set up my own Small NightClub in the Future because this is what i would really want to do in the Future, the only trouble ive got tho with it is that i havent got a stage Lighting person to Switch the Stage Lights on and off the other trouble ive got with this is that i havent got a Dj Either to manage the Speakers but im alright for Bartenders to serve the customers, because my Brother used to be a Barman in a pub,but if you do contact me back my Email Address will be and if you Reply to this then it will bring you straight through to my Facebook Page, and if you do offer me a place thats Like the Globe can i call it the Vuelo as a Nightclub Name, can you also tell me how much it will cost me to buy all of this from you aswell, but can you please reply back to me about this because i would really like to do this in the Future, and i also need a cleaner to clean the toilets aswell, but i would really Like to set up my own NightClub and and do what Like the Globe Does like for instance put live bands on Stage and tribute Bands and also Commedians Aswell, but can i Name my NightClub The Vuelo if this Name is Already Taken then dont worry about it i will think of something else to call it instead, and if you want to know where i Live Aswell then i Live in the Heath and i Live in the Estate just opposite Lidls and my Street name is 39 Armoury Drive Heath Cardiff, and my Postcode but dont think you really want my Post code is CF14 4np, and its Ieuan Sadler Heath Cardiff

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