DUI Laws And Your Business

The DUI laws (drunk driving laws) put in place today do affect your business. You may not realize it, but compared to years ago, what a difference.

Are they right to do this? The answer is yes. Ask anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have their lives altered by this.

The night club industry in the coming years are going to have to adapt to new and upcoming DUI laws in this matter. Much of what is happening today changes ever so slightly, and you may not realize the business you are not getting.

Many peoples decisions on what they are going to do for an evening, usually revolve on the subject of DUI. The plans were this, but because of the loss of the designated driver, the plans are this now. And it probably doesn’t include you!

What does this mean for your future? I’ll tell you. You have got to change and accomodate a new era that is coming. Do people want to still come and drink in your place? Yes. But will it become more about just the drinking? Yes to that too.

Here’s what’s happening. There is still talk about lowering the blood alcohol content level that is considered to you be legally drunk! Many long time bar and night club owners usually say that the powers that be want prohibition again. It’s an interesting thought, and not that some may want this, but I don’t think we will ever see this.

But, there is talk to lower this DUI law to a country wide standard to .05!!

No, that’s not a typo. There is ongoing talk. Will it happen? Who knows. But what happens to the bar and night club owners?

For years it was about the booze and the fun. I’m sure all of you have changed with the times and provide the “fun” that your customers strive for, along with the “boy meets girl concept” that keeps are business profitable. These subjects we have discussed in earlier pages and are coming up again.

You see, our customers want to go out, let of some steam, dance, have a couple of drinks,meet someone, and have FUN!

This won’t change. But what will, will be the the sheer amount of alcohol that they will consume. And that’s a problem for us.After all, that’s your profits!

You will need to be thinking how and what kind of fun and socializing you will offer to keep them coming in. You are going to have to be very creative. Booze, in time, will not be the full answer. A .05 will take care of that.

Don’t wait till the last minute to start thinking about this. Insure that your facility is making money in all facets of this industry.
This DUI Law demands you to make money in all ways. Click here to learn more.

How long will this take. I don’t know. But night clubs of yester year will become a thing of the past. You will become an entertainment facility. A socializing hall of sorts. That will be your draw.

For the people who drink very little, and frequent your place now, they will get bored very easy and want to do the bar run. They will go place to place to find the fun. Make sure you offer enough for them to stay!

Also, you may find that you may subsidize a taxi service to act as a designated driver. It will become part of your fixed costs. You may even go in with other bar owners and split the costs.

Remember, the DUI law is politics. There is no one running for office that is not going to vote for this. It will come, sooner or later.

An entertainment/grazing environment, may be the norm. Places like TGIF and Applebee’s currently do a lot of business. But you see what I mean. If you currently don’t do food, you may want to start little by little.

I guess we’ll all have to see how this talk of a country wide DUI law unfolds, but you don’t want to get caught with your shorts down. (or maybe you do!)ha ha

This is all food for thought. No, it’s not tomorrow. But it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t see a change in the law in about five years.

The public has had it with DUI, There is no tolerance for it, and nor should there be. But not only the DUI laws are hurting this industry, your city fathers don’t even want bars around anymore. The run a good place, and you may not have any problems.

Although this web page on DUI was written some time ago, a recent article came out today June 20, 2005 in the newspaper. I thought I would add it so you can see for yourself the thoughts and opinions, about us in the bar and night club business, from the powers that be.

Tavern town dries up Number of corner bars dwindles in Chicago

ASSOCIATED PRESSCHICAGO — Taverns and booze are entwined with Chica-go’s history and lore — from Al Capone’s bootlegging empire to the tavern owner whose curse on the Cubs is blamed for keeping them out of the World Series for half a century.

But the dark, cool watering holes where for decades laborers dropped by for a belt on the way home are drying up. The city that once boasted as many 7,600 taverns in the early 1900s has just over 1,300 today.

Now Mayor Richard Daley is pushing an ordinance thatwould make it easier to close taverns — the latest volley in a battle against the kinds of liquor-selling establishments that some say are magnets for everything from prostitution to littering. Add to that rapidly changing neighborhoods and a growing number of upscale residents who’d rather see a bistro than a bar on the corner, and it keeps getting tougher to find an honest-to-goodness bar to belly up to.

“The neighborhood bar used to be the country club of the community,” said John Kelly, whose father opened Kelly’s Pub the day after Prohibition ended and who started running it in 1957. “They’ve kind of gone by the wayside.”

It’s a similar story in other cities, including Cleveland, Philadelphia and Boston. One official thinks the trend will continue, in large part because elected officials don’t want to be seen as advocates for bars.

“If it’s going to be (a liquor license) for a Chi-Chi’s restaurant with a celebrity chef, wonderful,” said Daniel Pokaski, chairman of the Boston Licensing Board. “But if it’s for a corner bar, forget it… They are deathly afraid of their own shadows in those situations.”

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    Can officers post outside of clubs/bars that serve liquor and pull citizens over that come out of the clubs/bars??

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