Hiring A Night Club Manager

Hiring a night club manager is probably the most important thing a night club owner can do. Especially, if the night club owner doesn’t have a clue what they are doing. Which happens more then you think.

The thing that amazes me is that instead of an owner paying top dollar for a good manager, they usually run an add that says “minimum of one year experience”. This is a joke right!!

Let me understand this correctly. The night club owner is hiring a night club manager, to insure everything from soup to nuts is taken care of, and also make him a huge profit. And he wants all this done from someone with a year experience? And you know as well as I do why. It’s because he don’t want to pay! Yes, most night club employers are cheap. And Stupid!

If you are the employer hiring a night club manager, listen up. Do you remember the old adage. “You get what you pay for”. Remember that. You know, everything in this world of ours is relevant. If you have any understanding at all of the night club business, you have to know that that a person with one year experience doesn’t belong being a night club manager. No wonder you are always hiring a night club manager.

No offense to the employee, but the bottom line is this person belongs as an assistant. This person needs a manager to mentor them. If you are having a problem getting a qualified manager, you better find a way to attract them. And that means money! Hiring a night club manager, a professional, will make you money. He will cost you at first, but will pay high dividends in the end.

You know, there aren’t many people in this field anymore. If you can find a good one, you better pay up. Did you really think it is even worth hiring a person with one year experience?

Maybe you have never experienced what a professional can do for your business. Have you read this web site at all? Most owners are like the the people who want to become managers in this business. They have no clue themselves what they are doing, let alone the person with a year of experience.

You need to advertise for this position. You need to find a person that gas been in the food and beverage for awhile. Not someone who has been in every industry know to man, and then decide they want to be a night club manager.

Not the local bar fly that can tell you everything you are doing wrong, because, they know! Know what. Remember, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one!

Not the bartender, nor the DJ, but someone who has diligently learned, and has stayed in the night club business, and has the qualifications to be just that. A night club manager.

I know, I know, you are saying I can’t afford to hire a good manager. No, you can’t afford not to. Otherwise, you won’t be there too long.
Maybe you should start at the beginning before you start hiring a night club manager.

I have done research about hiring a night club manager in companies around this great country of ours, and guess what I found out. The same companies, over and over, every few months, are advertising for a night club manager. Why, because of turnover. They are always firing the manager because they can’t do the job, or they quit because they can’t do the job. Who in the hell wants to over and over, be thinking about hiring a night club manager? It’s unbelievable! Company after company does this.

The best one is the ad that says a company wants to hire a nightclub manager, explains all the duties and responsibilities, and at the end says that this person must have one year experience. Are they kidding. If you have a lot of money tied up in a nightclub, you better be getting someone with more then a year under their belt.

Newbie’s do have a place. In small towns and in very small clubs, with oversight. And they will learn as they go.

Why would you do that? They say to themselves that we are only going to pay thirty thousand dollars. And for that the company will not only work them to death, but who they hire don’t have the experience to manage.

So, they fire them, and start all over again. For the cost of that kind of turnover, not to mention the headaches and aggravation, it would of been more responsible to pay the money for a pro. And I’m talking about some major companies.

The question I have is “who hired the idiots that are making this decision to hire in this fashion”. That’s the person I want to fire!

And don’t be paranoid when you hire a person. Check their references and criminal record. That’s all!! What is the reason for the driving record check and the credit report check?? You can’t possibly believe that if you have speeding violations and haven’t paid you bills on time that the person is wreckless and going to steal from you. Do you?

You mean to tell me you have never made a mistake in your life? You mean to tell me that you have never had a bad circumstance ever happen to you? Give me a break. How would you like to be know for these bad qualities when you know you are a good person?

I know a guy who was a great manager. He experienced some health problems and because of that lost his job. His credit rating suffered, of course. He was a pro. Great references. Every time he applied for a job, they asked to pull a credit report. As you may surmise, he could,’t get hired.

Now what in the would does a credit report have to do with his abilities to perform his job?? So keep an open mind when you are hiring. No one is perfect. Don’t worry so much about him stealing, worry about your bartenders.

And whatever you do, don’t hire that DJ or someone with a background in accounting.! I have never seen a bunch of know it alls in my life. You have to understand, a DJ honestly believes the night club business is all about the music. It’s not, if you have read this web site. They know music. Period! They don’t know business, percentages of cost, employee matters, inventory control, and I can go on and on. If you hire a DJ to manage your club, you deserve what you get. I can’t tell you enough the difference it is by hiring a night club manager, that’s experienced.

If you hire a bean counter, that is all they want to do, is sit in the office, and show you twelve different ways to show you how you are doing financially on their new software. These people have no idea how to manage people or a business.

And neither are managers, or can handle confrontation. You have to be a strong manager, and well rounded. These people are non confrontational. And this business is all about confrontation at one extreme or another. Is it possible to have the skills of a DJ and an accountant, and also have the skills to manage a bar or nightclub? Sure. But I would guess they would be few and far between.

These two types are opposites generally. One is going to want to spend, spend spend for the good of the party. The other doesn’t know what a party is and is going to want to cut, cut, cut. No middle ground. One will generally be overly outgoing, and the other awful quiet.

Hiring a night club manager, that’s good, will change your life, and they will make you money. That’s why we are here right? To make money!


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