How to Design Effective Night Club Flyers

As I said elsewhere, night club flyers are the bread and butter of night club marketing. Although you can outsource this to a freelancer, most nightclub owners prefer to design their own night club flyers. In the long run designing the majority of your own flyers can allow you to save money and to hone your message to your audience.

So how do you go about designing your own nightclub flyers?

Figure Out What Information to Include in Your Nightclub Flyers:

Regardless of what your nightclub flyers are promoting there is some information that is an absolute must for a successful flyer:

1. Your Club Information: Above all, make sure that your nightclub flyers include the name and address of your club (you would be surprised how often this gets lost or obscured on flyers). You should also include a phone number and your website’s URL so that those who want to find out more information can. (For more on creating your club website see Creating a Nightclub Marketing Website.)

2. Event Title: Your night club flyers should be sure to name the event you are advertising. If you are advertising a specific event or promotion—display it prominently on the flyer so that a viewer can catch it at first glance. If it’s a Ladies Night where girls get in for free, put that information right where people will not be able to miss it. Remember that most people may only take one passing glance at your flyer before deciding whether to chuck it. Give your flyer the best chance to be noticed. (For more on club promotions, see The Ins-and-Outs of Club Promotion.)

3. Display the Event Draws As Well: If you have a hot band or DJ coming on a specific night, make sure that you make that band’s name prominent and include their dates and times so that it is easy for viewers to notice them.

4. Use Color and Photos: A good flyers will be colorful and attractive. You want the viewers to pleased by what they see.

So how do you get all this in your nightclub flyers if all you know how to do on the computer is Google and check your Facebook Page?

Finding Club Flyers Templates

If you are not familiar with Photoshop and don’t want to go to the trouble and expense to learn how to use a graphics program, then your best bet is to find an flyer template site and use that. There are several choices—many of which are fairly tacky—but my personal favorite in terms of club flyers templates sites is Flyer Starter. You can buy a template for about $20 and then modify it to fit your needs. A good value overall. Here is their web address:

The key to the flyer is getting the right image and layout to appeal to your target audience. Lot’s of flyers are simply over the top, creating an overly sexual or tacky image that is likely to turn off a segment of your audience. If you are appealing to women for a ladies night where they can get in for free and have one complimentary drink, than you probably don’t want to turn them off with a flyer that looks like a promo for a strip joint.

Generally, the key to a good flyer is that it should be slightly seductive but leave things mostly to the imagination. I find that the majority of the templates at Flyer Starter skirt this line well. If you want to see some that seem to me to just go way beyond tastefulness, you might take a look at some of these:

Club Flyers Printing

When it comes to club flyers printing there are too main ways of doing it. Sites like Flyer Starter will allow you to download and modify the template so that you can print this at your own personal printer. You will, of course, need to get quality paper instead of typical printer paper. You might experiment with a few different colors as well.

If this is too much trouble, you can have Flyer Starter or the site you are buying from print them out for you and mail them to you. Or you can have a office supply store like Staples or Kinko’s print them for you. Check a few different prices and see what kind of deal you can get.

Creating your Own Flyers

If you have a bit of ability with a program like Photoshop or are willing to spend the time and money to bone up on it, it is possible to create your own club flyers templates and then generate individualized flyers for each event. This can take a fair amount of time and a bit of money purchasing a good graphics program and learning to create the effects you want.

An additional difficulty with creating your own nightclub flyers is that you will need to find or create your own photos and designs. Photos of models can be hard to come by for most of us, so this often means looking for images for use on line. To stay on the right side of copyright law can be difficult. Legally, you should not pull an image from another site and use it in your own promos (although many clubs do just this). You can, of course, purchase photos or use those done for your website—but it definitely will create a few obstacles to your creation.

(For more great advise on how to save money by doing it yourself, see our comprehensive management guide: Nightclub Management Training Guide.)

When to Let the Pros Design your Night Club Flyers

When you have very big events like a grand opening or a superstar band booking to advertise, this is a good time to let a marketing person handle the flyers. Occasionally a good promo guy with the band or with your advertising group may have a flyer or be able to generate one for an added fee. On these bigger occasions, it might be helpful to let a professional graphic arts expert create your nightclub flyers.

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  1. Flyer Designer says:

    pretty good article, but I would say it would be better to hire a professional for most of your occasions, and rely on template websites/do it yourself on emergencies only. you don’t want to ruin the reputation of your and/or make it look unprofessional with generic looking flyers

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