LED Lighting for Your Bar or Nightclub

LED Lighting is, without a doubt, one of the best and most popular ways to light a bar or nightclub. LED, Light Emitting Diodes, not only offer nightclub designers the best level of control over effects but are also more energy efficient than other types of bar and nightclub lighting.

What are the advantages of LED lighting systems for your Bar or Nightclub?

Flexibility: What makes LED lighting so flexible? LED lighting allows far more possibilities in terms of uses because they can be placed on malleable strips that you can configure in virtually any pattern. Only your imagination is the limit.

Greater Choice of Color: In addition, unlike regular bulbs whose color changes are created through the use of filters, LED lights are actually in the color they project. This, in combination with the miniature size of LEDs, means that LED color changing patterns occupy a far greater range of the color spectrum, giving you a far greater palette to work with when designing your nightclub lighting.

Energy Savings: LED lighting is far more energy efficient than regular florescents. How much more? As compared to a regular bulb, an LED uses only 1/50th the energy. If you have a typical disco that you bathe in light every weekend, just think of the cost savings? (Not to mention the environmental benefit.)

Durability: In addition, a flexible LED lighting system will not only save you money because of energy efficiency but because of durability and longevity. Whereas typical bulbs have lives measured in months and require constant upkeep, LED lights have lives measured in years. They are so sturdy that LED dance floors are becoming fairly standard in discos around the world.

Control and Precision: Finally, because LED lighting offers a more concentrated form of light, they are perfect for creating highlights and stunning floor effects. With the use of an LED controller, lighting effects can be synchronized to music to develop awe inspiring club experiences.

Using LED Lighting in Your Nightclub

So how can you use LED lighting in your nightclub? The shorter question might be what situations is LED lighting not usable. LED displays can be used from everything from wall sconces to dance floors to furniture. They can be used for something as simple as highlighting steps, to drenching your dance space in drama inspired light shows.

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Let’s consider some of the uses:

LED Dance Floors: For a postmodern take on the 1970’s Saturday Night Fever style disco experience, nothing beats LED dance floors. With a checker board of led color changing rhythmically to the beat of the house spun DJ, this kind of dance experience has become a classic of the 21st century club. For more on dance floor lighting, see Floor Lighting for Your Nightclub or Disco.

Wall Displays: Lately, LED displays have started to spring up along walls. Programmed to either work randomly or to synch with the dance club sound track, this kind of wall display can be used to do everything from add interest to otherwise empty dance floors or drama to entry hallways. One of my favorite uses for LED displays along walls is the equalizer effect—where the rows of towering LED lights synch with the music to mimic a vintage stereo equalizer. Very cool. (See more about it below.)

LED Furniture: Furniture like the 64 LED cube chair (basically a cube lit from within by 64 LED lights), are perfect for nightclubs going for light intensive futuristic vibe. In addition, the 64 LED chair is easy to move and reconfigure to match the changing needs of your nightclub. (So they can be jigsawed together to fit larger parties or placed next to couches as drink stands.)

LED Displays for DJ Booths: If you are a dance club that features or wants to feature marque DJ’s as part of your draw, you will definitely want to create a cutting edge DJ space. Flexible LED lighting systems, when accompanied by a state-of-the-art LED controller can help you convince up-and-coming DJ’s to work your place. DJ’s love to spin at joints with a great light show, where the DJ is literally highlighted as the master of ceremonies. For more on DJ lighting, see DJ Lighting.

What will you need in order to have these kind of LED displays?

In addition to the actual LED lights, you will need to connect them to an LED controller that you can program to create the LED lighting effects you are looking for in your establishment. Simple controllers are fairly inexpensive but the more complicated your goals the more technically skillful you will have to be.

Where can you find LED lighting systems?

You can find LED lighting systems at many places on the internet. One of my personal favorites is the site disco-designer.com. They have everything from LED dance floors to that equalizer wall display I mentioned earlier.

Okay, that’s it for this post. Good luck with your nightclub and bar design and look for more upcoming articles on lighting for atmosphere and effect.

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