A Management Tip or Two

I decided to write and offer a management tip or two today. so many times I don’t even think about things that are second nature to me, and I don’t write about them.

In this business, climbing to the top into a management role or inadvertently falling into one, makes no difference. Sometimes things happen for a multitude or reasons. The fact is, once you are there, you need to make a difference. Not only for yourself, but for the company you represent.

And if YOU are the company, there is even more reason that your leadership makes a difference. However, there is a difference between you making a difference, or by some stroke of luck things work out for you and make you look like your “smarter then the average bear”.

One Management tip, it isn’t all about passing out orders to everyone, and meeting with sales people that tell you how great you are. You need to be on top of what is going on in your industry, your competition, and your specific area.

But more then that, you only have yourself to keep you motivated and not fall into a slump. And by doing so, you can easily motivate your staff. If you are motivated to create the best business in town, it will be easier to keep your staff motivated. And honestly, it will just plain, “rub off” on them. This is a good thing.

A second Management tip, sometimes the title of Manager goes to people’s heads and they create a “throne room” in the process. Making rule after rule after rule, to feed your own ego will do nothing but bring you down eventually. You are to train and support your staff to the best of your ability. You are not there to enforce more rules then absolutely necessary so that your operation works smoothly.

A third management tip, is you have the experience or you wouldn’t be in this position of Management. And your experience has taught you that you do some things a certain way because you know it works, and creates success. However, a good Manager will always accept the fact that there are always ways to do things better. Keep an open mind.

A fourth Management tip: As years have passed in my career, there is a different culture out there in the nightclub industry. What was once an industry that was mostly young white women, is now a culture of multi ethnic, men, and women, of all ages. Embrace the changes in our society, and not only you will be a better person for it, but you will be a better Manager for it.

A fifth Management tip: Slogans I hate. Period. I have never seen one company that attached a slogan to their brand and it be true. Especially franchises. I have no use for them because of the way they treat their employees, and their customers. If you can work for a sole proprietor, you are better off. But in this corporate world, there are not many individuals that can compete with corporate money. However, if you are stuck using a slogan to describe your establishment, MAKE IT TRUE!

Don’t let company’s hand you a slogan that you have to use but you know doesn’t mean anything. The suits in the corporate office are delusional if they think they can enforce the true meaning of their slogan. When the orders trickle down from the ivory towers, they don’t have the staff to truly enforce, and only do so upon inspections.

But if they are going to ram it down your throat, then adhere to it. Make it right, and make it true. As the powers that be are on their yachts on the weekends, you are the one dealing with your guests. Don’t embarrass yourself. Have pride in what you do.

A sixth Management tip: Take care of your employees too. I mean really take care of them. It’s difficult to find good employees in this industry anymore as many people do not want to be in this industry. People don’t want to be mis-treated for minimum wage anymore. This “good job” you tell them is not good enough! They need to be provided substantial rewards for their hard work and loyalty.

If not, they will leave, I promise you. And as cheap as franchises are, who I might add think they don’t deserve anything as they believe they are just doing their jobs, they won’t provide you anything to give. So, sometimes, you will need to take it out of your pocket. Doesn’t seem fair? Too bad, it is just the way it is. Substantial rewards motivates your staff and encourages them to stick around long term. Without it, they will sooner or later leave. You can thank YOUR bosses for that.

Finally, in order for you to be the best Manage you can be, you need to keep educating yourself. Read books on the industry, learn about insurance, take classes, etc. Any subject will do, and when your finished, move to another topic. Education will always be the key to success.


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