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Your individual and hopefully unique menu design is as important as the physical design of your place. Sound weird? Your menu is what distinguishes you from everyone else.

Did you ever see a bunch of people pack a place that is a border line dump? I have. The food is delicious and people go for the treat!

Personally, I eat to live. But many, live to eat! Did you ever hear of people traveling 50 miles to go to a restaurant. I have. Many in fact. So, this leads us back to menu design.

Franchises have research and development kitchens. Plus they steal ideas from other restaurants, like everyone else. It’s just the nature of the business.

So, you need to compete and make money. Right? I mean, your not in this for your health.

Your menu design has to encompass a variety of foods to accomodate the masses. Your food has to be great, not good. And it has to be something that is tasty, filling, and doesn’t take an hour to get to the customer.

There are many people that have a natural flair for this. Also, the first few items are not difficult as many people have personal recipes that they use at home to bring in. Plus, you will always have some staple items that you and everyone else will always carry. You know what I mean, a hamburger, french fries, a chicken sandwich of some kind, etc.

But it’s after those few many get stuck. After all, chicken is chicken, is chicken, is chicken. Right? Not really. There are only so many food products, that correct. But look at the menu design of other places, or even on tv.

They take a regular everyday product, and tweek it a little. They us a different bread, but mostly different toppings and sauces. The idea is to create something different. A signature item. An item that people come to you for, and you will be known for.

Will it be copied if it is a success. In a word, YES! But, continually provide excellent service, and buy quality products and ingredients. Cheap isn’t better!
Be careful that the items you put on your menu are easily made, without much potential waste, and can be served in a reasonable amount of time.

Putting together a new menu can be frustrating. Check with your food service supplier. Although these company’s are out to sell you food, many provide services such as menu design to help you. Many will even print your menu for you. Sysco Foodservice is the largest food purveyor in the country. There has to be one in your neighborhood. I know they provide such services. And many have test kitchens that will make your product, let you taste it, but will show you how.

One last thing that you should consider. The baby boomers are the largest population in the country. And many of them need glasses to at least read. Consider a little larger print size the next time you change out your menu. I’ll bet you will make a few more friends.

I recently discovered an outstanding restaurant online ordering service where you can get your physical paper menu converted into a physical menu quickly and easily. Check it out here: The Online Menu. In addition, they also install the ordering and payment function right onto your website quickly and securely so that you can start receiving orders online without ever having to pick up the phone. It is like having a take-out window in cyber-space.

Remember to review the entire site for plentiful information for your place.
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