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A.S.C.A.P. is one of the largest licensing agency that represents music artists, and is responsible for collecting music royalties from you. The other agency is called

These people will charge you an annual licensing fee to enable you to play recorded or live music in your night club. The price they charge you is based on your seating capacity, but they can also use a per square foot price also.

After they collect it, they send it to the writers and singers of the music you are making money on. As if these people need any more money!

It’s true, and this is not a practical joke. You may read articles from other web sites that talk about night clubs and their expenses. No one seems to write about music royalties. Generally, people writing many of these articles never owned a night club. Ever. So they are just unaware of the expense.

I know you’re saying, how about juke boxes? Well guess what? They have to pay to. But instead of the individual establishment paying the fee, the vending company that provides you that juke box, pays it.

Music royalties are a part of starting a night club.

It’s one of those things people don’t figure on and the, SURPRISE. That’s why this entire site is so important to read.

I have broken down the individual components of starting and managing a night club so it is easier to understand. Because you read the page “starting a night club” it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read “night club investors”. Get it?

Take the time and click on the links above and read about these companies. It’s a part of your business, and it takes money out of your pocket. In that case, you should be as knowledgeable as you can be.

I’ve tried to express the importance of learning and gaining knowledge about this industry before you try and open or manage one yourself. And then once you do, just keep on learning. An education is never wasted.

That’s about it for now. We’ll talk again.

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