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Night club advertising offers many venues to promote your night club. The most common ways of course is print,(newspaper)radio, and television. The latter is not generally used, but we’ll talk about this later.

The best way in night club advertising is really, in house. That’s right. If you are always providing great fun, food, service, music, and promotions, along with professional management in a secure environment will keep you advertised by word of mouth.

Let’s face it, if out consistently out perform your competition, you will come out a winner. It’s a lot of work! Most night club owners tend to slack in this area when things are going well. Unfortunately, nothing is forever. Therefore you always have to be on top of your game. C’mon, it’s business! Just because it’s a night club doesn’t mean that you don’t treat it like any other business.

Along with providing the best night club offered in your community, you still need to let your customers, and new ones, know what you schedule is. Not just the days and hours you’re open, but what you have going on. Large banners, done professionally should be hung in your night club explaining what you do. These are especially important during a promotion!

Not just one little one that no one can read unless they are right on top of it. Big ones. A banner that you can read easily. And you need to put them around your night club so everyone will see while they are there. Night club advertising is as important as everything else you do. As I explained on other subjects, it’s not just one thing that makes you successful. It’s everything combined that comes together and makes you unstoppable.

In addition, if you are able, exterior banners are extremely important to reach drive by traffic. It generates curiosity.

Don’t be tacky though. Insure the banners have very large print so people can read. Just like we talked about on the interior banners. But as people are driving, they are moving in their car and the print has to be extra large so they get your message. If they can’t read it, what was the sense of putting it up? Got it?
Banners are a integral part of your advertising. Don’t get me wrong, you have to do this tastefully. Don’t make it look sloppy! Everything you do needs to be right.

The next area we will talk about in night club advertising is print. Night club advertising in the newspapers can be effective. But most importantly, it depends on your community. You may of heard people say things like “this is a radio town”, or “this is a paper town”

Newspaper ads can be very effective. The nice thing about a newspaper is that it usually lays around all day. You may look at it once, maybe twice, and a friend or relative may pick it up, etc. You know what I mean. However, it can be very expensive too. Such is life!

Anyway, if you are going to advertise in a newspaper, you will want to buy a display ad. The problem with many people is they of course want to save money. Therefore they usually buy an ad that is too small for what they want to say. They cram in everything known to man, along with the kitchen sink!

Who in the hell can read this! Or, who has the patience to read this! Not me!

Now size does matter, in some circles! You know what it’s like when you read a newspaper. You turn the pages and unless something catches you eye, you don’t even see it. And the ones you do see, are generally the larger ads.

So if your ad is too small, it’s really wasted money. To fix this problem, what you want to do is ask for you display ad to be reversed. This means that instead of the background(which is the newspaper)being white, it’s black. And the print is white!

So here is what happens. You turn the page on the newspaper, and you see this basically black square in the middle of all this white. It stand out like a sore thumb. You add will get read. Again, make sure you are not putting in too much copy(words)or you won’t be able to read it.

The next item on our list in night club advertising is radio. Radio has grown quite a bit over the years. Many people shy away from this medium for years because you paid for an ad that was done in one minute or less! So, unless your target customers were all listening to the radio all at the same time, you got the feeling it was wasted.

But really, it’s not the case. We have been become a very musical society. Cars today boast about their sound systems, and so many people spend so much time in their cars these days, radio is doing a good job reaching your audience. Repetition is the key. Sooner or later, your ad will each many of your targeted customers.

Many people across the country have switched from print to radio, or have lessened their budget on newspaper and raised their budget on radio in night club advertising. Now, radio has become a powerful medium. And, expensive. The worst part of radio is the production.

Many radio stations use their DJ’s, secretaries, or anyone available to produce you ad. Especially if you live in a smaller community. Radio stations in large cities tend to have a production department with professionals doing you ad. And what a difference in the way it is written and produced.

And it really don’t matter anymore if you come from a smaller town. Now you get ads written and produced for you no matter where you live. You ask where, I’ll tell you.

His name is Chuck Fresh.

And Chuck will give you your monies worth. Stop by his site, he has three different sites that he promotes his professionalism. And there are some examples you can listen to. I’ve used his service before, and I can tell you, he delivers, and is a real nice guy to.

If you are doing night club advertising, see Chuck Fresh.

As radio prices have really shot out of sight, you’ll find they want to do a contract with you to potentially save you money. Well, it does and it doesn’t. They will jack you around on cost. You know how it works, buy in volume. The cost is less per spot, but the total is higher then what you wanted to spend. That’s all I can say is to wheel and deal. And watch those long term contracts!

So, if you live a smaller community, pay a professional company to produce your ad, then have that played at your local radio station. You’ll be glad you did. This way, you’ll be happy with the night club advertising you placed and paid for.

Television ads for night club advertising are generally non existent. It has never been an area that made sense for this industry.

Aaahh, the internet! No, it’s not what you think. Yes, you should have a presence on the web. And yes, in all your night club advertising, you should tag all your ads with you web address. As time goes by, people will get used to going to you web site to see what’s going on. They will! This gives you constant night club advertising.

Now I’m not telling you to go and spend twenty five thousand dollars on a web site. What I am telling you is to put one up. They aren’t that hard to do. But if you want to hire it out, that’s ok too. It doesn’t have to be a hundred pages long or anything. You can make it one page. Put the basics on there.

You know, your address, phone number, hours of operation, and advertise what you do, and who you are. You’ll be surprised what a following the site will get. But, the problem is updating! You see, web sites always have to be updated in the night club business because things are always changing. Holidays are coming up, or a huge promotion is being held, your menu has changed, etc. Keep it small and it won’t cost too much, it’s worth it.
Also, offers a national database of more than 8,000 restaurants and a number of online merchants. Customers may search by state, city, neighborhood, zip code and cuisine type to find the perfect restaurant, plus $25 dining certificates are offered at a purchase price of $10!

Sign up your restaurant, bar or nightclub and get an additional influx of people to come and see what you are all about. The customer is going to get a great deal, and you are going to get people in that otherwise may not of come. Try It!

Night club advertising is essential for all your promotions too.


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