Night Club Maintenance For Smooth Operations

Oh I know, who cares about this? That’s what we pay the janitor for. Wrong! Night club maintenance issues are vitality important in the management and operation of you night club business.

Yes I know doesn’t seem important. And yes I know that it is boring as hell. But it has to be addressed. Like I have told you throughout this site, It’s not that one thing that will make you successful, but it’s when manage all aspects of your night club, that you see good things come.

When you start to neglect even the little things, it’s a domino effect. Night club maintenance will take care of you, keep you and your customers safe, and will save you money. Sounds good to me!

You should develop a night club maintenance schedule for the different aspects of this business. And, you should require these things get done as part of the job description of whoever you feel should be responsible. In other words, the head bartender shouldn’t be responsible for maintenance in the kitchen. Got it?

If your place is very large, it may be to your advantage to hire a night club maintenance person to perform these tasks along with repair work that is needed.

The best thing to do is to choose one day during the week and come in to take care issues like this.

Safety for you customers and your staff is a number one concern in the night club business. But other issues come into play that keep your club operating correctly. Ignoring these issues will bring you nothing but headaches. Also, word of mouth is a powerful thing. When customers or passer bys see that your night club is dirty, or things are broken, they know it is not managed very well.

People talk about these issues of night club maintenance more then you would ever think. If you over hear a conversation from people talking about night clubs, or where they went last night, if the place is not well maintained, it will come up in conversation. You don’t want anyone to start talking negatively about your night club.

Let’s start with obvious things first, ok. The exterior of your place is real important. People will walk or drive by that aren’t even customers of yours and develop an opinion of you night club without even going inside. That goes for people that you surely don’t want no problems from.

You guessed it, health board, city council, judges,lawyers, parents, the mayor, etc. You get my drift. As you operate and build your business, you want nothing but the best said about it. It’s your reputation. Can you understand now why a bring topic like night club maintenance can be so important?

Look at franchises. The majority of them look pretty good and are well maintained. Do you think they do this for their health? I don’t think so. It’s their reputation.

You never know when someone who isn’t generally a customer of yours, needs a place for a party and becomes a potential new customer. They’re not going to call you and book anything with you if your place looks like a hole!

So,keep it clean and swept. In the summer months, hose of the sidewalks and drive. You windows and doors need constantly cleaned. You know what it’s like to see the outside of a place dirty. Do you want to be like that?

Also, make sure the exterior is well maintained too. Night club maintenance is not just for the inside. A board loose on the exterior wall, a hand rail that’s loose, a needed paint job, light bulbs that are burned out, and your sign that maybe has been damaged. Always keep it looking like new.

The most important issue in night club maintenance is on the interior, the very first thing that has to have a weekly check is your emergency lighting. And a log kept by the person who checks it. This is done by shutting off the breakers that the lights are on. You leave them off for a half an hour. This charges the internal batteries inside so they don’t go bad from non use, and you can check that all the bulbs are working.

This is the single most important thing you should maintain if you don’t nothing else. Sorry, but I had to repeat it! This procedure is mandatory in most States, if not all.

If you should ever loose your power with five hundred people or more and things go completely dark, you are going to see first hand what panic is all about! And if someone gets hurt, you’ll probably go to jail. Can you see now why night club maintenance is so important?

What ever minimum number of emergency light units your local codes require, add twenty five percent more. Make sure they are in your kitchen and in your bathrooms too. You can thank me later.

SIDEBAR: I know, the dreaded bathrooms. Most people are willing to go sky diving rather then clean the bathrooms. I know, sometimes night club maintenance isn’t fun. YUK!. And unfortunately, the public do not treat the bathrooms in your night club like the way they treat their own at home. Or maybe they do? That’s scary!

Anyway, this is probably the most talked about subject about any public place. You know what I mean. How many times have been out to eat, or stopping for gas, you go to the bathroom, come out, and say to who you were with, “you should see the bathroom in there, it’s_________”. Well, was a pig pen, or was it as clean as hell?

See what I mean. Your bathrooms are going to be the subject of concern. make it a priority to keep them immaculate. And keep towels and soap in good supply.
It’s best to send your night club security

in the bathrooms on their rounds, every half an hour. If you don’t have a female security guard, send another female member of the staff.

As your customers make a mess of it, you have to clean it up. And you have to keep up with it through the night. If you let this go, your reputation is going to start going down the tubes. As I have spoke about many times on this site, success is when you combine all factions of this business and do them all right. Hell, I know it’s gross. But I have to tell you, I’ve cleaned many of bathrooms in my day.

I know you are going to have a cleaning staff come in at the end of the night, but you can’t let this go till then, OK?

Prority items for a night club maintenance schedule is your refrigeration. Beer coolers especially. Every month the evaporator fins need to be cleaned. At the bottom of every beer cooler is a grate that needs removed to expose to fins. They generally get real dirty from dust and clog up the fins. These fins when kept clean, keep the beer cooler compressor running cool, and therefore keep your beer cold. If you ignore this night club maintenance item, you WILL have problems with your beer cooler. And, I don’t think you need you beer cooler to go down on a Friay night, do you?

The pictures of the ice machine and beer cooler came from Superior Products. If you don’t have a local place to buy from, end even if you do, check this company out. I have dealt with them in the past. And the answer is no I don’t receive any money for giving them a plug. I think they’re a good company with excellent customer service.

Their web address is

Your ice machine has fins to be cleaned, just like a beer cooler. You’ll have to do this with all you coolers. That means regular refrigerators and freezers. Keep them cleaned!

Also, when your ice machine was installed, it should of been installed with a water filter for sediment. Some will call them a micro mat filter. This filters out hard water sediment getting into your ice machine. Ice machines are tempermental. If you don’t use these filters, you will have problems with this stuff clogging your water jets, and so on. Put one on if you don’t have one. Night club maintenance never ends.

Put on your night club maintenance schedule that this filter needs changed every thirty days along with cleaning those fins. Also for ice machines and other items in your night club, you should think about adding a water softer to your place. Ask you pop company, but they may not want you to add a soft water line to their post mix pop system. It’s not a big deal, really.

Also, when you take of the cover to your ice machine, there is a toggle switch inside that goes from run to wash. Every thirty days, you should flip this switch to wash and let it go through a self washing cycle. You may want to check with your local refrigeration repair company, as they may want you to add a solution to this while it’s cleaning. OK. Remember, this is every thirty days so add to your night club maintenance schedule.

Another item for your night club maintenance schedule in the bar is to have all pourers for your liquor and juice removed and washed weekly. Without exception. They will work better, not get sticky, it’s sanitary, and it will cut down on fruit flies. Every week I said! Add this to your night club maintenance schedule!

Drains are another night club maintenance item that should be taken care of weekly! Yes, weekly. Many night clubs seem to run one and a half inch pipe for their drains. It seems logical. But it’s wrong. You have to go with two inch! There are parts of the country that make this mandatory know, but didn’t use to. Flush all your drains with hot water every week. And don’t forget your ice machine drain, as most people do. If you do this, you won’t get that call in the middle of a busy night saying you sink water won’t drain. OK

The last item for this page, and probably the most important, is maintenance and repair of the exhaust hood, and ventilation, in you kitchen. These hoods protect you and your customers and need maintained properly. Don’t ever take chances with these units by letting them go.

In addition, they are regulated by the Health Department, the Fire Department, or both, depending on where you live. And this is done for a very good reason.

Well that’s about it for this page. There will be much more in my monthly newsletter so be sure to sign up. It’s free! Talk to you soon.

Night club maintenance is a vital part of management.


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