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Night club music is a topic which desperately needs to be discussed. You think this is a no brainier, right?

Well your wrong. The music that is played in night clubs always seem to be virtually the same. So what makes you different then the night club down the street?

No matter what year, you build your night club, and whatever the so called “popular” music is, you play. Well, your sort of right.

How many people do you know that like one kind of music? Not very many I am sure. So why then, does most night club music, stick to one type? Does this make any common sense to you?

There are thousands of songs to choose from, and most night club music is limited to is fifty!

Why would you do that?

Think about it. In today’s night clubs, hip hop, or rap music is what’s hot. Why, I have no idea. I never considered it music myself, and it all sounds like one long song. But that’s my personal opinion.

Regardless what type of music it is, night club music is whatever is hot at the time. But, did you ever hear the saying “variety is the spice of life”?

There is a lot of music out today that is good, fun, danceable music. So why play the same thing, over and over?

Many night club owners and managers just want a full dance floor. Their interest in the music itself is limited.

Many DJ’s have an intensive library of music. Why they don’t use it, I really don’t know. Maybe their scared. Taking a gamble is not what most people do.

That’s why there are people who have a job, and the ones that take a gamble, are self employed.

But if you are a confident DJ, and know how to read a crowd, there is no gamble. Your crowd is not only going to dance, but are going to have more fun.

Customers will leaver your club and say what a fun time they had. Or, the DJ played some songs from a few years ago, and we had a blast.

Yes, you do have to play the popular stuff. But only about seventy percent of it. Play the other thirty percent of other things. You don’t really believe that rap music is the only thing your customers like, or will dance to , do you?

Mix it up and have some fun. Your customers will thank you for it. Night club music was music to dance to. All music. It wasn’t intended to play one type of music all day and night. BORING!

Also, the way to play music in night clubs these days, is to play dance music, non stop, with no change. I spoke of this in another article.

Night clubs play no slow music. Why is that? First of all, not everyone dances. This includes men and women. And especially men, who want to spend a little “close time” with a woman, wait for a slow song to play. This is night club music too. Because everyone can dance to slow song. Play two slow songs back to back, once an hour. You can afford to give up eight minutes an hour for two people trying to get close, can’t you?

You stop these people from making a connection. These are sexy and romantic times to embrace. If you take these slow songs out of the mix, you stop this connection from happening.

Furthermore, You need to slow people down a little once in awhile. Sometimes a crowd gets a little to excited. This keeps everything in check. Then you have the thoughts of making money. Yes money. You remember that, right. People who are not going to slow dance are going to the bar and getting a drink!

The people who have not had a chance to connect with someone yet, are going to be on the dance floor holding their partner close and tight. So the problem is…….?

The other part of night club music is the novelty songs. You are trying to create a night club that is different and fun.

There are so many fun novelty songs out there. Why night clubs don’t use them anymore is beyond me. There fun, and yes they are corny, but there always enough people in a night club that want to have fun. If you don’t know how to have fun, maybe you shouldn’t be managing? Ever think of that.

I always go back to the wedding reception premise. I have been to many wedding receptions in my life, with a mix of younger and older people. Did you ever notice how much fun these people have dancing to YMCA, The Hustle, Wooly Buly, Run Around Sue, The Beatles Melody, The Motown Melody, just to name a few.

These people have a blast. And everyone joins in. Make your club FUN. Don’t be like everyone else. Your customers will talk about what a good time they had all week long.

Night club music you play in your club costs you money also. No, I don’t mean because you have to go out to buy it. No, no, no. Night club music and Royalties go hand in hand. Yes, you have to pay a royalty (money) when you play any type of music in you night club. It comes in the form of a license that is renewable annually.

The biggest players in this game is ASCAP and BMI. You normally, with any luck, won’t see these representatives knocking on your door if you live in a smaller community. They have only so many employees and they can’t reach every part of our country.

But, if you live a medium or large city, expect a visit or a letter. I know you are asking, what does it cost? Click on the link just above here and you can find out for sure, but it will range from probably two thousand dollars a year and up.

That’s about it for now. Night club music can be fun. I hope you don’t give up trying to create fun. When you do, your days are numbered.


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