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Night club promotions are not meant to be your main income. They are to be used, and be built around your targeted customers.

You have targeted customers, right? If you talk to many night club owners and managers, that’s all they want to talk about, promotions!

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Night club promotions are to be used as what they used to call “door openers”. This term was used many years ago in the grocery store business. Grocery stores used to have large glass windows on the front of the store. In these windows, they used to display large posters of say, a can of corn for ten cents. These were door openers.

They attracted people in their store for the special. Once inside the door, they not only can get that can of corn for ten cents, but it gives the store a chance to sell them other things, and hope they like the store enough to become a regular customer. Sound familiar?

You can’t buy, start, or continually operate a night club on promotions.

Night club promotions are supposed to be used as the word implies. Promote. Not survive on. However you will always be in the state of promoting yourself. Remember that!

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Night club promotions have to be aimed at your target audience. Who is that? There are many versions of that in todays night clubs. Although the premise of a night club is the same, but each attract different people.

You can’t open a night club and not have the faintest idea who your target market is!

Night club promotions are designed to target your current customers, their likes, their music, their age group, their spending habits, their dress, the times they go out, etc. Basically their everything, is a promotion that works.

So, if ABC Club does night club promotions throughout the year, for their customers, that has a live band to open the night, a Jack Daniels special, and a reduced cover charge, and it packs his customers in, that’s great!

But because it worked for him, that promotion is not necessarily going to work for you. Your customers may not like Jack Daniels that much, hate bands, and wouldn’t pay any cover charge for this.

So, if Johnny jumped off a bridge, would you follow him?

If you are operating night club promotions one after another, you need to reorganize. Start at the beginning of this web site, and understand the business behind the night club.

Promotions are not going to give you night club longevity!

And I assume you want to stick around for awhile. You won’t survive running night club promotions one after another, after another, unless you live in a small town with virtually no competition.

If you’re in a fix, and maybe need to start over, you should reinvent yourself.

This basically gives you a do-over. Do it right this time though. You may not be as fortunate as a cat and have nine lives!

And of course how to advertise

these things are important.

Before you start thinking about night club promotions, you have to know what group of people you are trying to attract. Then, this will be the basis of what kind of promotions you will run.

Also, you need a theme. You should always do a promotion over a holiday, that’s a given. More people are generally out, and you have an influx of out-of-towners too. Make sure when they come to your night club for the holiday, it’s the best. Make sure they will be talking about it for awhile. The theme on a holiday is the holiday!

But, during the rest of the year your imagination has to run wild. Think up a good theme and run with it.

Is your customer base twenty one to twenty eight years old? Or is it more like twenty nine to thirty five old? Can you see why this makes a difference?? Depending on the group your are trying to attract, will depend on the promotion you run.

You see, the first group will definately want something a little different then the second group. As people start to get older, what is fun to them, the kind of music they like, the crowd they like to run with, and what is fun to them, are going to change. There goes that word again.

Remember, the draw for night clubs, is many, many years old. Boy meets girl. And is it going to be FUN?

It takes time to not only think these things up, but it takes lot of time to follow through on these things so they work. If it doesn’t work, you have created nothing. If you as a night club owner, or night club manager,don’t have the time, then hire it out.

Night club promotion ARE NOT to be some ho hum drink special!

When putting together a promotion,you need to MAKE SOME NOISE!
That’s how Chuck Fresh puts it.

And don’t forget charitable night club promotions either. Make them huge! Your community loves you when you are giving back. Always promote yourself. Do something good and get free radio coverage, a mention in the newspaper, and it goes well with the city fathers too. Always be thinking. After all, it’s your money!

Night club promotions are supposed to be large, fun, and exciting. Do not try any promotion unless it’s going to be larger then life. If you’re going to do it half assed, don’t! A little of nothing is still nothing. You need to go all out.

Keeping you club looking festive, especially during night club promotions, it’s imperative! And don’t do what everyone else does!

In the past decade or so, night club customers have been coming out later and later. In my hay day, the bars used to be packed by ten. Now, people don’t go out till eleven and night clubs get busy by midnight. As you can see, it doesn’t give you much time to make money, now does it.

So as a part of any promotion you do, you need some early attractions. Of course, if you your target audience is over thirty, they tend to come out even a little earlier. More about this later.

Night club promotions need advertising too. so don’t forget it.

Depending on your State laws, your club promotions limitations may be frustrating. Some States really limit you ability to do huge night club promotions. But life goes on. So make the best of it. Don’t get down and discouraged.

You are a customer too. What do you like? What trips your trigger?

What night club promotions do you like being a part of? You see, you really do know.

So create it!


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