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Nightclub information and tips accumulate as the years go by in the bar and night club business. You are able to learn most of what you need to know. But some things you only learn after being in it for a while.

As I think of them, I’ll keep adding. Many things like this you take for granted as years go by and they just don’t come to mind until a circumstance arises, and then you automatically know what to do. In the mean time, here are a few tips you can use to help yourself out.

The first little tid bit of nightclub information and tips I want to give you is about glass breakage. Not regular glass breakage, but when a glass breaks in the ice bin! How many times has it happened to you? According to changes made in health regulations in some States, you are, by law, supposed to use a scoop to put ice in a glass.

But many people take a glass and scoop the glass in the ice bin to fill it up. Regardless how you do it,or what your local regulations are, sometimes a glass gets broken in an ice bin. So what do you do?

Most nightclubs don’t plan ahead when they build, to add an extra ice bin for whatever reason. Now you are busy and a glass breaks in the ice bin.

Some people try and scoop all the ice out, rinse it out, and then use a flashlight to see if any glass is left. All the while the bar is busy and the bartender can’t use their own ice bin, and is trying to share with another bartender. I think that’s pretty brave to assume that there is no glass left! I would never take the chance.

So here’s what to do. If your ice bin is full, scoop out enough ice that the ice bin is half full or less. Take a couple of clean bar towels and lay on top of the ice, completely, that is left in the bin. Now, refill your ice bin. Get it?

By laying the towels on top of the ice, it prevents your scoop, or glass, to penetrate the towels to the ice below. Therefore, there is no chance that a broken piece of glass can contaminate a new drink.

And, the bartender can continue the night, using their own ice bin without interruptions. The only thing you will have to do is to fill up that ice bin a little more often. Pretty neat! Misc. night club information can be fun sometimes.

Another tid bit of nightclub information is the problem that many bar and night club managers and owners face is at closing time. You know what I mean. The relentless begging from customers when it’s 2am (time may vary depending on where you live)and they want another drink.

Here is how to deal with this.

Let’s say for the sake of argument your closing time is 2am. So, at 2am, you, or tell your head bartender to lock the cash registers and all bartenders are to leave the bar.

This does not work if you don’t tell your staff these are new rules and expect them to be adhered to. This should take all of about thirty seconds.

Now, there is no one behind the bar to ask anything!

Have a designated spot for the bartenders to go to and sit. I used to put them all in one section, together, seated, at the end of the bar.

Always place one security guard at the bar to watch the bartenders and the bar. Tell your security guard that no one is to go back behind that bar until everyone has left the building. Problem solved.

You will find your own little tricks as you go. Nightclub information and tips are helpful to others, so share them when you can.

Nightclub information and tips are all a part of management.

As you learn, share these things with others.


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