Nightclub Loitering

I had a man by the name of Dean, from Warren Michigan write me and ask me about nightclub loitering. I guess you could call it that. But it does happen. You have a nice a crowd, but they are hanging around not spending money. This kind of problem can cause you many problems and we are going to discuss a couple of really simple remedies.

Nightclub loitering can happen in many types of clubs. Most prevalent are teen clubs and generally outside. In this circumstance you need to train your security staff to what your needs are. Generally, you want to give the security an area that you determine that always needs to be clear.

So you say from here to here, no one is to be hanging out and loitering. Have your security strictly enforce it. If they refuse to move, call the police. Don’t tell them you are going to do it. Just call. All of a sudden a cruiser will pull up and that will be that.

If you have a major problem outside with nightclub loitering, go and see you local police chief and explain your problem. They are always helpful and can guide you through this dilemma. Police don’t tolerate loitering either. Believe me, they can help.
Nightclub loitering is all a part of management.

so don’t push this problem off on someone else. It is an important issue for you to deal with.

Another type of nightclub loitering is inside your club. People standing around taking up space,chairs,tables,rest rooms, and the dance floor. Solving this isn’t too difficult.

First of all, are your prices too high? It may be why they are not spending.

Next, you need to have a door charge. There are two kinds. A cover charge is just an amount to enter the facility. Do you have one? You should. Is it too low?

The next type of charge is called a minimum. This charge not only partly serves as a cover charge but also includes a minimum of two drinks. So if want a cover charge of $5 and your least expensive drinks are $4, then you can charge say $10 at the door, which includes two drinks.

In order to do this, you have to give each customer two tickets, that can’t be duplicated, when they pay at the door. When presented to the bartender, the bartender gives them a drink based on $4. If they want something more expensive, the bartender will charge them the difference between the $4 and the price of the drink.

You will have people that say they don’t drink, or they are not staying that long, or whatever the excuse so that don’t have to pay. It doesn’t matter, the rules are a two drink minimum. Period! Drink them, don’t drink them, you really don’t care. But the bottom line is it’s $10 to get in.

Please note that in some states, it may be illegal to charge a minimum. Check with your State Liquor Laws.

Hope this helps Dean.


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