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The ideal goal. To last! Nightclub longevity is like the number one goal! Let’s face it, if you can’t last the test of time, what do have? Many nightclub owners do not. They are always looking at just today.

Nightclub owners generally don’t keep with the times. Even under their nose, in their own community, things and people are changing, but they fail to change. It is a proven fact that most people don’t like change.

Instead of being afraid of change, you should embrace it. Why? Because it’s one of the only things that is constant, and that you can depend on. It’s going to happen. Like it or not. So you better start to cozy up to change. You’ll find it can be your best friend.

You see, as the world turns, change is evident. Without changing, we cannot survive in the night club business, or any other business for that matter. Now this does not have to be painful at all. Just always be aware. I don’t mean to jump on every new trend coming down the pike, but just pay attention to the world around you.

Just look at what changes have transpired in the past twenty years in the nightclub business. So realize that if you started your own night club twenty years ago, you would not be the same nightclub today. Right? Now does this make sense? Good!

Now everyone tackles things in different ways. Nightclub longevity is no different. You can hire two carpenters to build you something. They both may build it in a different way, but in the end, it will come out as you wanted. Insuring nightclub longevity works in the same way.

Some people like to keep up with their menu, new and different drinks, the atmosphere of their night club, employee uniforms, and many other things on an ongoing basis. As things start to change, they like to keep up with it.

Their customers notice the change too. And they like it. The old standards are still on the menu but with a couple of new additions. The music gets changed just a little to accommodate some of the customers that have been requesting some different things, a big screen tv is added, etc.

You see what I mean? Little by little the night club changes ever so slightly. people view it as a good thing. It’s not the same old place, with the same old stuff. This is a good thing! You change with the times, it isn’t hard on your budget, and it allows you to continue to be the number one place to be. You are always delighting your customer. You are giving them a reason all the time to continue coming back.

You are changing to insure your nightclub longevity, and to insure profits. After all, that’s why we’re here. Money!

What good is it to keep things the way you started it, and the way you like it. If it starts losing you money, it can be too late. It is all up to you!

I know updating the interior can be expensive. Just do it a little at a time. Figure it in to you budget. Keep the customers wondering what is coming next. You have to remember, there is no guarantee that a new place isn’t going to open and become your competition.

So do you want to compete as an old out dated place, or do you want to give the new place a run for their money? Again, it’s your decision!

What we just spoke of was one way to change with the times to insure your nightclub longevity.

The other way is to insure your night club longevity is to create change all at once. The best time frame for this is a two year stint. You see, we as humans are fickeled and get bored easy. You can go two years without any real changes. Sometimes up to three years depending on your business and competition.

If you don’t, the place gets stale. It’s the same old place. It’s the same old format. Hell, would you want to go to the night club that never changes?

This also is a nice way to produce change because it creates a buzz. Customers get excited about what is going to be new and different. And people like new and different. It also gives your place a shot in the arm. New vitality. You are going to have a new grand opening!

Grand openings give people an excuse to make it a special night out for themselves. You even get to see people you haven’t seen in some time. It gives you a new lease on nightclub life. It creates a buzz again, and it crushes the competition.

So you see, both ways of doing things are right! It just depends on the individual. It accomplishes the exact same thing.

But it is imperative that you accomplish this so you have nightclub longevity. You want to be around, don’t you? Or you can just be one of those nightclubs that closed a couple years ago.

And like I have been teaching, it’s not just one thing, like a

you have been wanting to do, to see you through. This won’t be enough, believe me.

So let’s learn to embrace change. Change will make you money. Insure your nightclub longevity and create change.

Your nightclub longevity also depends on management skills. So start at the beginning.

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