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When starting your own nightclub, are you offering all the nightclub services you can to your customers? Are you?

Or are you just taking the money and running. One of they keys to nightclub longevity is for you to provide as much as you can to your customer. That’s right!

Your customer will look at you as “you care”. And you better.

There are a couple of simple things you can do to offer a little more, that are really appreciated.

You need to provide a coat room. Yes, a coat room. In the winter months, which last for at least five months for most area’s, your customers wear coats, right.

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But what happens when they get to your nightclub? They want to take their coats off. Either because they are warm or, they need to show off their outfit. Or both.

Regardless of the reason, you need to provide a coat room. You need to staff the coat room with the appropriate number of people relevant to the number of people that you accommodate.

Put a sign up by the coat room window. The sign needs to say “We are not responsible for any items left in the coats”.

This way, a customer can’t come up and say the had a thousand dollars in their coat pocket and now it’s gone. See what I mean?

There should be no charge for it either. Pay the staff a wait staff wage, plus tips. Believe me, they will make good money.
Your customers will really appreciate it.

Tag all your hangers with numbers. Give the customer a numbered tag to match the hanger. If the customer loses the tag, they don’t get their coat until everyone has left. The last coat hanging should be theirs.

The next couple of things you should provide is fresh hot coffee, for free, for anyone that wants one.

The other thing you should provide is a telephone. I know, everyone has a cell phone. Most do, but that’s beside the point. Install a phone in a quiter area of the club, the entry is usually the best place. Make it toll restricted, and available for anyone to use. Believe me, it will get used.

These are just a couple of little things that make you better then the next club.


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