Reinventing Your Night Club

Reinventing your night club comes out of necessity most times rather then choice. You may find that the times have made you obsolete, or you opened up wrong to begin with, and you need to breathe new life into an existing night club business.

You will find as time goes by that the night club business is unforgiving, and sometimes reinventing yourself is the only means of survival.

Like any other mistakes someone makes in the night club business, they more then not, cost you a lot of money. I used to tell people that didn’t want to pay for my consulting services, if you only make ten mistakes, which is pretty good really, and each of those mistakes cost you five thousand dollars, that’s fifty thousand dollars! It was much cheaper for them to retain my services.

Anyway,there are times that some people go to open up a new night club, and didn’t do it right. The opening fails. They try and try, throwing good money after bad, to no avail. This is an example for reinventing your night club.

Also, there are times that someone didn’t keep up with the times, and have let there club go. New competition has come in and has killed them.

Sometimes, there is no easy out here. What the hell else are you going to do? Really, you have two choices. Make a quick sale, or try reinventing your night club. Become something new and exciting, again.

You know this takes cash, right?

Reinventing your night club gives you a new lease on life. It’s just like a new night club just opened! And everyone knows how great that is. everyone wants to go to the new night club! Everyone! You become the kid in town. How great is that!!

The good news is you have most of the costly expenses already thee. You know, the electric, plumbing, bathrooms, etc. Basically, you are going to do a face lift. But even remodeling is expensive. So be prepared.

You don’t want to leave anything familiar here. It has to be changed!! If you don’t do this, you just threw away you last shot. Remember that. Change the wall covering, put up some walls, a new bar or extend the one you have to make it look different, and if your sound and lighting systems are out dated or not up to par, add what you need to make it right!

If you skimp and don’t change it completely, it’s not going to work! Do you hear me? Do you understand? OK?

When you are reinventing your night club, you not only have to take care of the interior, but don’t forget the exterior. Yes, that’s right. Do you want it to look like the same old place? I don’t think so. Like I said before, if you do things half ass’d, it will come back to haunt you.

So, before you do all these changes, did you change who you are? You didn’t! C’mon! When reinventing your night club, you have to have a customer base you are targeting.
Reinventing your night club is just like you would when starting a night club.

Nothing changes here. Who is your target market? What do you provide better then everyone else? If you don’t know these things, read the rest of this web site. You have to do your homework. Remember homework?

Take you time and do it right. Do yourself that favor. Make it an event!!

Make sure that you place teaser advertisement well in advance of your opening. Create hype!! Make your advertisement do what it is supposed to do. Pack them in. It has to be bigger then life!

Now, you are the new guy on the block again. Reinventing your night club does work. Just don’t make the same mistakes again. Mistakes are OK. As long as you learned from them.


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