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This sound and lighting page is an easy to build for you as there is only one answer for you needs. That’s Springtree Media. Audio-Visual can be very intimidating to many people. There are thousands of pieces of equipment and as many manufacturer’s all making claims about their equipment. Do you know about amplifiers, nightclub lighting, micophones, cd decks, EQ’s, switchers and more?

What to buy? What do I need? Did I pay too much? These are just some of the questions that people ask themselves.

Now it’s easy to recommend many sound and lighting companies out there, especially the ones that will pay me to send you to them. But if you have read my site, you will see that I don’t work that way. I don’t receive any money from them.

I have dealt with them for years. The people at Springtree are great. They ask all the right questions to be able to get you the right sound and lighting equipment you need.

Peter, the owner, when not on installations, is in the office and answering the phones to help his customers. And Jade, his right hand man, I think lives there? I mean he is always there!
Then there is his support staff who take calls and transfer you to the right place. And no, they don’t keep you on hold forever!

If they are really busy at the time of your call, they will take your number and call YOU back.

These people know sound and lighting equipment. Honestly.

And if you have other needs in your life that have nothing to bars or nightclubs, they can help you there too.

They do work for churches, convention halls, hotels, and more.

Give them a call at 877-746-4873 for free expert advice, or
click here and go directly to their website.


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