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What it Takes to Break into the Bar Business

What it Takes to Break into the Bar Business

The bar business is a BUSINESS. That means that you have to have a mind for numbers. You have to be able to calculate profits, figure out the rate at which you are going through your stock, keep track of salaries and pay suppliers and determine the most effective ways of pricing drinks and structuring promotions. Not being aware of these kinds of financial issues involved in the bars business leads to a poorly run bar and the increased chance that your dreams will get flushed away when the bills come due. Business acumen is a must for success in the bar business.

Bar Games Darts

The Best Bar Games

If you are looking for a good way of bringing people in on a slow night or to maximize your sales on a moderate night, one of the best ways to do this is through the use promotional bar games. Bar game promotions keep the atmosphere fun and help spread the word about your bar. There are a number of bar games that you can use to help bring people in. Depending on the kind of bar that you have, you can vary bar game promotions accordingly.

Here is an incomplete list to just whet your appetite and get your imagination going.

How to Find Good Bar Suppliers and Vendors

How to Find Good Bar Suppliers and Vendors

Price is, of course, the number one consideration when it comes to your suppliers. You must do all you can to keep cost down, especially when you are first starting a bar or nightclub. But this is not and should not be the only consideration. There is usually a reason why one supplier offers bar supplies at so much lower than the usual rates.

Choosing a Bar Cash Register

The days when you can forego a cash register and just use pen, paper and calculator to keep track of your sales are long gone. That method pretty much has gone out with the 8-track. The inefficiency and opportunities for fraud, theft and just outright error with that old-fashioned kind of system are just too […]

Bar Cash Register

Nightclub and Bar Cash Register Basics

Beyond the simple placement of your point-of-sale, there are also a number of steps you can take to improve efficiency with your bar cash register. For example, just like a cashier register at most restaurants, most registers these days—even if they are not fully optimized with the full gamut of cutting edge options of a top-level PoS system—will have memory functions that allow you to program certain keys for certain high frequency items—so that you only need one touch to ring them up.

If you are a basic bar that sells a few different kinds of beer, having that easy to use method will save you and your employees quite a bit of time in the long run.

Types of Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

Types of Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

For those of us not involved directly in the insurance business, figuring out what kinds of insurance for bars and nightclubs we need can be a bit of a pain. That said, there are some kinds of insurance that you will definitely want, while other kinds of bar and nightclub insurance might only be a necessity in certain situations.

Need for Bar Theft Insurance

Theft Insurance for Bars and Other Employee Related Insurance

Bar theft insurance and other employee related insurance like worker’s compensation may seem like an unnecessary hassle, given how many insurance plans you may already be dealing with, but most bars find that they must carry various kinds of insurance related to their workers. So what should you carry? Theft Insurance for Bars? Theft is […]

Establishment Without Disaster Insurance for Bars

Disaster Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

Disaster insurance for bars and nightclubs may just seem like an unnecessary frill and indeed, for many bar and nightclub owners it is simply too expensive. There is also a great deal of insurance between what is covered by disaster insurance for bars and nightclubs versus what the COMMERCIAL INSURANCE FOR A BAR or nightclub already carries.

So in this article I will explain what disaster insurance is and what it protects you against and help you get some clarity as to whether and in what quantity you might want to carry disaster insurance.

Photo of Rambuctious Behavior

Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability insurance covers legal problems that may occur from customers legally drinking at your establishment. For example, your bar liquor policy would cover the possible legal problems arising from two or more of your patrons getting into a fight in your establishment if one of them claimed you were responsible because you let them get drunk.

It would also cover you if one of your customers left your bar and got involved in a crash later in the night, should one of the participants in the crash hold you responsible for the customer’s inebriation. It would also cover alcohol poisoning should it occur.

Nightclub/Bar Management Guide

Nightclub/Bar Management Guide