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Bar Signs

Bar Signs

Although bar signs are not the kind of thing that is likely to make or break your bar or nightclub, bar signs do serve a number of purposes in a bar and can not only help you build your bar’s overall image, but also can help with promotions and even with efficiency.

The fact that it adds to your brand image—the general look and feel of your bar—will doubtless come as no surprise to you. But help with promotions and increase efficiency?

Before you start to think that I have taken one too many swigs from the Budweiser tap, let me explain.

Bar Lighting

Your Bar Lighting Primer

A bit of soft lighting with warm oranges or flickering candles creates just the kind of intimacy that you want for your bar or pub. For booths, candles in glass containers can create intimate nooks for young friends or lovers. (Be careful that you don’t overdo it however, unless you don’t mind having all out face sucking going on in the corners of your pub.)

Can Lights on Stage at Hi Ho Lounge

Can Lights for Your Bar or Nightclub

Can lights are a good way of creating a mood for your bar or nightclub. They can drop an intimate dimness onto booths or create roving beams onto the dance floor. If you have live music, mounted light can arrays are perfect for placing your spots and if you have a disco, they are a must.