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Nightclub/Bar Management Guide

Nightclub/Bar Management Guide

How to Find Good Bar Suppliers and Vendors

How to Find Good Bar Suppliers and Vendors

Price is, of course, the number one consideration when it comes to your suppliers. You must do all you can to keep cost down, especially when you are first starting a bar or nightclub. But this is not and should not be the only consideration. There is usually a reason why one supplier offers bar supplies at so much lower than the usual rates.

Neighborhood Pub

How to Start a Pub

Want to know how to start a pub? You know, the kind of laid back neighborhood bar where “everybody knows your name”? Well no matter what kind of bar you decide to start, owning a bar or pub is hard work and requires a lot of up front preparation and determination. They are long hours, so you should be sure that you really love the bar business to begin with.

So what do you need to know before you start a pub?

Starting a Cowboy Bar

Starting a Cowboy Bar

Do you watch Urban Cowboy just to get more ideas for starting a cowboy bar? Do you sit around thinking up cool country western bar names or making playlists filled with the perfect sets of country bar music. If you have always had a thing for cowboy bars and have been think of opening one, […]

Establishment Without Disaster Insurance for Bars

Disaster Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs

Disaster insurance for bars and nightclubs may just seem like an unnecessary frill and indeed, for many bar and nightclub owners it is simply too expensive. There is also a great deal of insurance between what is covered by disaster insurance for bars and nightclubs versus what the COMMERCIAL INSURANCE FOR A BAR or nightclub already carries.

So in this article I will explain what disaster insurance is and what it protects you against and help you get some clarity as to whether and in what quantity you might want to carry disaster insurance.

Safety Measures for Bar Insurance

Commercial Insurance for a Bar or Nightclub

When it comes to bar insurance, however, there are certain factors that will have a huge effect on your policy rates. Sometimes minor changes to the way that you run your bar will make a big change in terms of your bar or nightclub insurance policy.

Bar Problems

Bar Problems

The mother of all bar problems is bad hiring practices. Of all bar management problems the inability to hire properly heads the list because it leads to all sorts of other problems. Bad hiring inevitably results firing an employee and needing to get yet another poor hire.

The most common reason for bar management problems in regard to staff is improper hiring practices. Many owners simply do not want to go through the work of the hiring process and so settle for the first candidate that walks in the door rather than going through the process of searching for the right employee for his or her establishment.

Bar Bookkeeping Photo

Bar Bookkeeping Basics

For many of us in the bar business, bar bookkeeping is perhaps the most difficult part of the daily maintenance of our facilities. When we dreamed of opening a bar, few of us pictured sitting with a calculator balancing the books at 2:30 AM, tired and smelling of spilled beer and sweat. Yet bar bookkeeping is a fundamental skill necessary for the success of your bar business and at the core of effective bar management.