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Floor lighting

Floor Lighting for Your Nightclub or Disco

Floor lighting is one of the designer lighting features that distinguish many nightclubs and discos. We need only remember John Travolta doing the Shuffle on that distinctive fluorescent checkerboard dance floor in Saturday Night Fever and an entire era is summarized—the icon image of 1970’s Disco Generation. But floor lighting can have several uses and not all of them have simply to do with aesthetics. Many floor lighting features are a must for safety as well.

Can Lights on Stage at Hi Ho Lounge

Can Lights for Your Bar or Nightclub

Can lights are a good way of creating a mood for your bar or nightclub. They can drop an intimate dimness onto booths or create roving beams onto the dance floor. If you have live music, mounted light can arrays are perfect for placing your spots and if you have a disco, they are a must.

Lighting Chandelier

The Nightclub Lighting Chandelier for Your Bar or Nightclub

If you have a high ceilinged club where you want to create a feeling of spacious elegance, you should definitely look into getting crystal chandeliers. Cascading chrystal chandeliers hanging over banister stairways or off coffered ceilings of a luxurious lounge conjure the kind of exclusive air that patrons will pay extra to be a part of.

Software Lighting Example

Lighting Software for Your Bar or Nightclub

Software for lighting is what allows you to program every sweep of the spotlights, every blast of the air horn and every wave of flashing LED floor panels. It is what can give your dance club that super cool, 22nd century vibe or make your patrons feel like they are at an all-night rave. When poorly done, it can also make your dance club feel like a middle school dance. So it is not something to be ignored.

DMX Controller in DeeJay Booth

How to Use a DMX Lighting Controller in your Bar or Nightclub

A deejay that knows his or her way around a DMX LED system can provide dancers with the kind of light and sound coordination they expect. A quality deejay will know how to pace things so that the mix of songs during the peak dance hours (11 pm to 1 am in most places) really hits the mark. In addition, they know how to work the DMX controller to coordinate sound effects like air horn blasts and visual effects like colored LED beams, roving spotlights and low lying fog. DMX controllers can also be hooked right into the dance floor so that not only the LED canisters dance to the beat, but the LED paneled squares of the floor itself flash in pattern to the rhythm.

LED Panel Disco Dance Floor

The Five Best LED Panel Design Ideas for your Nightclub or Bar

Polyester and the Bee Gees may be done, but the Square LED Panel dance floor that made John Travolta famous remains. These days, a panel LED disco floor can give the combination of showiness and durability that is perfect for nightclub. Lighting up the floor space from the ground up, makes it easier for customers to distinguish the dance floor. In addition, because the LED lighting panels can be easily programmed to work as a unit, the dance floor itself can seem to be putting on a music inspired lightshow.

LED Lighting for Your Bar or Nightclub

LED Lighting for Your Bar or Nightclub

So how can you use LED lighting in your nightclub? The shorter question might be what situations is LED lighting not usable. LED displays can be used from everything from wall sconces to dance floors to furniture. They can be used for something as simple as highlighting steps, to drenching your dance space in drama inspired light shows.