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Teen clubs (under 18 dance clubs) and after hours clubs have become more prominent in the past twenty years. I think more so in the eighties and early nineties. But depending on what part of the country you live in it may be different. Teen dances as there sometimes called, provide many benefits. They provide the kids with a safe place to go and have fun. They also provide the community with a business that caters to the youth of the community. And they provide an opportunity for the business person interested in opening a nightclub for teens.

These clubs and after hours clubs became so popular because of a few vital factors. First, they didn’t require a liquor license, or having to abide by restrictions that often come with owning a liquor license.

Also, other then a good sound system, often the interiors were not finished off as extensive as a regular night club. Talk about saving a lot of money. Nor was the investment in equipment a big deal. No beer coolers, storage rooms, and very little, if any, kitchen equipment.

Another plus, was the payroll. There wasn’t hardly any! Let’s face it, you weren’t selling anything except for a place to go. One person behind the counter selling pop or snacks, a DJ, a cashier, and some security. And these were not high paying jobs.

The final reward, wash a ton of cash! Why you ask? There are no expenses tied to the income (cover charge). You didn’t have liquor costs, food costs, very little dry goods costs, and no highly experienced people to pay for. What a cash cow!

And we haven’t even started talking about the additional revenue that teen clubs will bring in from the games vending!

Now depending on where you live, you don’t see as many as you used to. So what went wrong you ask. Idiots. That’s what went wrong.

You see, somebody opens a teen club or after hours clubs, just like people opening a regular night club, and they have no idea what they are doing! We’re back to the education thing again. Why is it that the night club industry attracts people that have no idea what they are doing, but they think they are so smart, open a place with no education or experience, and then ruin it for everyone else?

Mistakes Made:

I know, I know, you want to know what happened. Well here it is in a nut shell. No education or experience! I know all the know it alls that read this site don’t want to hear that. They say, what’s the big deal? Anyone one can open a night club, right? People like that are the reason night clubs, and teen clubs close, have problems, and jepordize a customers safety. And after these people close, they will blame it on everyone, and everything, except themselves and their lack of training and experience.

You see, when you get into the teen dance club or after hours club business, you bare a great deal of responsibility to your patrons along with the community of which you live in.

You say, so does a regular night club. Well the answer to that is yes, and no. You always bare responsibility in any business you operate, but these are different. Here’s why.

In teen clubs you are dealing with children. This is a major responsibility. If you don’t think so, you don’t belong in this business! Children are impressionable, and don’t always make good decisions. Now if you have any children of your own, you know what I am talking about.

So, you need to keep them safe first of all. Now I don’t mean hiring a few idiots for six bucks an hour that have the word security written in block letters on the back of a t-shirt. And while your back is turned, they are trying to pick up a young girl.

Sidebar…Teen clubs go by many names. Some you may or may not recognize, but are all the same thing. They have of course the teen club. Then you have the teen night club, teen dance club, under 21 clubs, teen dance, and even the under 18 dance clubs.

Security staff for your teen clubs is vitality important. You need to keep the kids inside. No in and out the front door. Chances are they are going to get themselves in trouble. Also, the boys will be goofy generally. It is true that girls mature faster then boys. The boys will run around, arm wrestle, and they will want to test their masculinity and fight.

Now if you could put these boys in a ring, fine. But like any other fight in any other venue, when a fight starts, it’s not so much the harm they are going to do to each other, it’s what happens to the innocent bystander that usually gets the brunt of the fight. Tables and glasses start flying, someone falls on top of someone, etc. Get it?

You have to play the role of a parent! The problem is all too many people who open these teen clubs don’t do this. They pack them in till the walls bulge and have incompetent staff, and don’t really give a shit what happens. So you tell me, what happens? Your right.

A bad security staff, an inexperienced club owner, and an accident waiting to happen. Now you have kids outside your place getting rowdy and getting loud. Fights break out inside and out, with possible gang problems depending on what part of the country you in. Kids go home hurt, or drunk, or have a car accident.

The community gets wind of it, parents protest it, and city council either closes you, changes the zoning laws, or customers quit coming because of problems. Now you are out of business!!

This has left what I call a “bad taste” in some people mouth. The teen dance club business gets a bad reputation all because of an asshole who thought, like everyone else, that anyone can manage a night club.
Chances are, almost every community in America has had some experience with teen clubs, and most are not good. Most communities don’t want them, and just cringe when they here someone wants to open one.

Many communities, because of their bad reputation, have zoning laws on the books to make it difficult to open, if not ban all together.

Why these idiots would ruin such a lucrative opportunity for the rest of us, is beyond me.

Bottom line is if you are a mature individual, that has the need for teen clubs in your community, and you will take care of those kids like they are your own, and you keep the place nice and perform all the necessary teen club maintenance to insure a nice, and safe club, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

If you are opening just a teen dance club, and not a Sunday supplement to your already existing night club as described in the adding revenue section, you will need to allow a large amount of space for a game area. Much more then you would normally allow for a night club. You see teens are still a little awkward and need to find a comfort zone to socialize.

And yes, teen clubs are still about, Boy meets girl. Just like it is for us adults. Sitting at a bar and having a few drinks as adults may be fine, but teens need their comfort zone too.

It is easy for them to talk and such as they are playing a game of pool, an electronic game, and yes, even a pinball machine.

Unfortunately, these games need electric and a large amount of space. Even if you have a small teen club that holds three hundred, how many pool tables do you think you are going to need??

See what I mean? So make sure your space is large enough to accommodate enough teens to make money, but also large enough to accommodate the things teens like to do.

Depending on what your local code says, in a small club that would hold three hundred people, that could me five stalls per bathroom. The amount of space this will take will shock you. And wait till you get the plumbing bill on that!

So you can see the amount of square footage that you thought may be large enough, is becoming too small. Teen clubs though don’t require as much space as a regular night club, but you still need a pretty big space.

The space required is starting to add up isn’t it? Take you time, get a piece of graph paper, you know the paper with the little squares on it, and start sketching out. Each square will equal, say, one foot. Go ahead,sketch it out and see what you come up with.

I hope this helps and gives you an insight on teen clubs.

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