The Five Best LED Panel Design Ideas for your Nightclub or Bar

If you are looking to give your bar or nightclub a sort of cutting edge futuristic vibe, LED Panel Lighting is one of the best ways to achieve this effect. The versatility of these LED panels can really transform an otherwise drab and uninteresting space.

What are the possible uses for LED Panel Lighting in your Bar or Nightclub?

For a 21st Century Version of the Classic Disco Dance Floor:

Polyester and the Bee Gees may be done, but the Square LED Panel dance floor that made John Travolta famous remains. These days, a panel LED disco floor can give the combination of showiness and durability that is perfect for nightclub. Lighting up the floor space from the ground up, makes it easier for customers to distinguish the dance floor. In addition, because the LED lighting panels can be easily programmed to work as a unit, the dance floor itself can seem to be putting on a music inspired lightshow.

How much does panel LED lighting cost? Are you wondering how much you need to shell out to install an LED lighting panel system into your establishment? Well let’s take a real world example of sorts. Let’s say that you want to designate a roughly 130 square foot space as a dance floor by using a disco panel LED system.

LED Panel Disco Cartoon

Vader Gets Down Photo courtesy of DiscoReject

If you go to our friends over at, you will find that a 1 x 2 meter disco segment of dance floor will cost about 104 Euros. To fill out a 130 ft. space with LED lighting panels you will need about 13 square meters. You would need 6 of them, so you are talking about a 624 Euros. At the time of this writing, the exchange rate is .7 Euros/dollar. So that means that you could fill the space for $437 roughly. A pretty great price for creating this kind of effect.

Of course, you will also need to set your LED lights to synchronize with the music. This can be done with a music sensitive LED controller or by programming the dance floor to go through a particular pattern at particular times.

Regardless, there are few effects that will make your club more memorable than this type of panel LED light system on your dance floor.

For more dance floor ideas, see Floor Lighting for Your Nightclub or Disco.

For Building Anticipation at Entrances:

The LED lighting panel is also perfect for entrances where customers can be drawn by the flash of the lights. If your nightclub has a difficult to find alley entrance or is on a connector street, this kind of lighting can help clients find your location. In addition by using these kinds of light panels, LED lighting at the entrance can help direct your clientele as they enter your space. The motion of the LED lights can lead them into your establishment if you have a particularly dark entryway.

As a Safety Measure:

As you probably well know, one of the difficulties of owning a nightclub or bar is that your establishment must necessarily be somewhat dark. But you do not want your clientele missing their steps on stairs or not being able to make their way back to restrooms. Light panels placed beneath steps or along the floorboards of corridors are excellent safety measures for helping clienteles orient themselves even when they are in the advanced stages of inebriation.

To Create a Distinct LED Panel Style for Your Establishment:

LED Panel Disco Dance Floor

Led Panel Dance Floor Photo Courtesy of Harmon

Few things make a nightclub seem more cutting edge than getting the lighting just right. If you want to create a unique space where clients feel as if they have jumped into a time machine and zoomed twenty years into the future, there are few things that work better than having a combination of a wall panel LED system (like the equalizer panels that you can find at, glowing straight edged furniture, and touch responsive light panels on tables or bars. All of these LED panel configurations add up to a kind of postmodern psychedelic vibe that really appeals to the hip and young.

In addition, baroque lit chandeliers can make your nightclub feel like a 21st Century version of Moulin Rouge, while having LED lit mirrors in smaller areas like bathrooms or hallways can de-emphasize any cramped feelings, making your establishment feel spacious and classy.

For Emphasis:

Finally, if you want to create emphasis in one area of your bar, LED lighting is the perfect vehicle. You can create flashes of light behind the DJ when it is time to pump things up, or tone things down to create a romantic dimness. In fact, you can perform both these functions at the flip of a switch. Your nightclub could thus change on a dime from its classy dinner service to its down and dirty club atmosphere.

Put simply, a panel LED panel light system can be the answer to a number of lighting problems. If you have the kind of nightclub that could support these kinds of effects, you should certainly check them out.

For lighting ideas in general for your nightclub, see Nightclub Lighting.

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