The Nightclub Lighting Chandelier for Your Bar or Nightclub

When it comes to nightclub lighting, chandelier and LED pendant arrangements can really add an air of class to your establishment. Whether you go with classic cristal chandeliers or with an LED lighting chandelier, these kinds of perennial pendant arrangements can create a focal point of interest for your ceilings while also adding to the mood.

Classic Chrystal Chandeliers

If you have a high ceilinged club where you want to create a feeling of spacious elegance, you should definitely look into getting crystal chandeliers. Cascading chrystal chandeliers hanging over banister stairways or off coffered ceilings of a luxurious lounge conjure the kind of exclusive air that patrons will pay extra to be a part of.

Even if you have a somewhat limited space with just average height ceilings, crystal chandeliers can help you design the kind of shabby chic space that you customers will enjoy.

Of course, the cost of an actual crystal chandelier may be prohibitive. A Windsor crystal chandelier for example, can run a grand easy. Many other kinds of more intricate chandeliers can run three or four times as much.

If you aren’t looking for the full glimmering authenticity of actual crystal, then a lighting chandelier made of glass to mimic crystal might be the way to go. These kinds of faux crystal chandeliers are perfect for hipster lounges, for example, where the look is meant to seem a little bit ironic.

In addition to the cost of the actual chandelier, you need to remember that installing a hanging chandelier is the kind of thing you want to leave to professionals. The installation can add substantially to your costs depending on the specifics of your space. If electrical wiring and ceiling reinforcement must be added, the cost can rise substantially.

LED Crystal Chandeliers

A very different kind of pendant is the LED lighting chandelier. LED lighting chandelier arrangements create an amazingly satisfying futuristic twist on the classic crystal chandelier. In addition, by connecting your LED chandelier with your overall DMX controllers, you can turn your LED lighting chandelier into part of the overall sound and light show. Just imagine having your LED lighting chandelier pulse with waves of spectrum light in perfect synchronicity to your deejay’s techno mixes. (For more on LED lighting see The Five Best LED Panel Design Ideas for your Nightclub or Bar )

This kind of arrangement can be at once cutting edge and classic, familiar yet new. It is definitely worth checking out.

Ceiling Height Requirements for Cristal Chandeliers and Other Pendant Lighting

Before you jump on-line and order your chandelier, you need to consider the space you intend to use it in. Lighting chandelier and other pendant lights require certain room dimensions to work well. Put simply, you do not want tall patrons to have to duck under your chandelier or to look as if the chandelier is giant crystal sombrero just over their heads. Getting the dimensions right is crucial to making pendant lights work for your space.

Lighting Chandelier

Height is, of course, the most important consideration. You want to make sure that the very bottom of your chandelier will be well above the head of your tallest patron. Generally, speaking, the rule here is that they should be at least 7 feet off the ground, unless of course you will be having Shaq as a regular visitor, in which, case 8 feet should do the trick.

That means, however, that you have to include the height of the chandelier into your calculations. So, if you have a small chandelier that is only say 15’’ high, then you need to add another foot three inches into your calculations.

Tip From the Pros: One more thing that you need to consider in your calculation is the length of the ceiling fixture that crowns your chandelier (and from which the chandelier chain hangs). As a rule of thumb that adds another 4’’ to your calculations.

So a 15’’ high chandelier should actually have at least 19’’ plus at least 7’, which means you should have at least a 9’ high ceiling for this kind of small lighting chandelier.

Tip From the Pros: One more thing to keep in mind is that when you suspend chrystal chandeliers over tables you can lower them to 5’ 6’’ since customers will not be using that area as a walking space.

Height is only one consideration when it comes to space, however. Width also plays a big role in your decision. Too large a chandelier will dominate a room and make the ceiling seem to loom oppressively over the heads of your patrons; too small a chandelier will seem out of place and make the rest of the ceiling seem empty (begging for more chandeliers).

The rule of thumb when it comes to determining width is to add the length and width of the room, and then substitute feet for inches. So a room that is 25’ long and 25’ wide would take a chandelier with a dimension of 50’’; 25’ +25’ = 50’ (substitute feet for inches) and you get 50’’ diameter.

Of course other factors can alter this general rule of thumb, such as how cluttered or windowed the room is (cluttered rooms seem smaller, open windowed rooms seem bigger) and whether you have a two story room with walkways leading in. (The walkway will somewhat tighten the ceiling space, requiring slightly thinner chandeliers.)

Despite these complications, a well-placed chandelier can really help bring a space together and should certainly be considered when designing the kind of exclusive executive club where such signifiers of wealth and status are noticed and expected.

For more about ceiling lighting in general, see Nightclub Ceiling Lights.

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