Vending Profits and More

Introducing vending profits to your already existing stream of revenue is vitally important. Many operators leave money on the table when operating a night club. Why, I really don’t know. Maybe they are a know it all, don’t want to be bothered with smaller amounts of cash, or are just plain stupid. Take your pick.

You see, you are already paying for the basic bills to operate. So it doesn’t cost you any more money to add other streams of revenue. Let’s face it, you’re already there and are already paying to be there. These are just added profits! Nice problem to have!

Sure, the vending profits won’t make the kind of money you are already taking in, but when combined, it’s not chump change either.

I’ll give you some examples. One added stream of income is a cigarette machine? I know this seems like a no brainier, but you would be surprised. You see, some owners, or managers, don’t smoke. And because they don’t, God forbid they offer these to their patrons. Listen, you’re here to make money right? You don’t have to smoke them! Most cigarette machines in these environments get a premium for these. Usually fifty cents to one dollar more then the cost to the vendor.

So if you times that profit, by the number of patrons in your place that are potentially going to buy them, that’s a lot of money!

ATM machines are another source of revenue. Today, they’re are many more companies in this business then a few years ago. And, the terms are getting better.

In some circumstances, your bank may put one at your location at no cost to you, but then they are making all the money.

Basically, you lease the ATM machine from a company that manufactures them. You pay for the phone line that it is connected to, you pay them a monthly lease payment for the machine, and you have to put in your own money in the machine. But, the one or two dollar charge is yours, per transaction!

Now that can be a lot of money as people today rely on ATM’s like never before. Added profits! Aren’t they nice!

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And depending on how busy you are, this can add up on a weekly basis. Call around and ask some questions. It may or may not work out for you, but it doesn’t cost you anything to find out.

Other vending profits can be a great source of additional night club profits. Now this covers a wide array of machines available to the night club business.

You can start out with condom machines and feminine napkin machines for the rest rooms. A great source on vending profits. Then depending on the availability in your area, you can choose to add cologne and perfume dispensers for the rest rooms also.

You can add fresh peanut machines by the bar that can mount to a wall or mount on a stand. Whatever you do, do not add gum into your club! Your customers will stick it everywhere.

You can get added vending profits by adding a machine to dispense breath mints and snacks if you want to.

Also, you can get a used pop machine and fill it with canned beer. If nothing else it’s a cute novelty. But some clubs will put in beer with their name on it, special priced beer, or whatever. You choose.

Now let’s get into the games market. You know, pool tables, golf machines, basketball machines, trivia machines that sit on a bar, electronic games, etc. These games can make you an abundance of added profits.

Remember, you are already paying for the space. While you are there, you might as well make as much additional night club profits that you can!

Another source of added income other then vending profits is a party store that is incorporated into your night club.

Added profit centers, like vending profits, need to be considered into your initial design.

If it is, it makes it easy for you to do. Sometimes, depending on where you live in the country, they call them six pack stores. But again, depending on what State you live in, and the liquor code, will determine if you can do this.

These are nice additional night club profits to enjoy. Together with your vending profits you will be very happy. And it brings in a steady stream of customers stopping by your place. And it’s great when

night club profits turn into added promotions.

These little stores which are actually are a part of your night club are great. They sell six packs of beer, snacks, and bags of ice.

So not only do they come to your place in the evenings when things are rocking, but they come by and get their supplies for a home party, or a trip to the beach. You have people coming to your place that would not normally come. You’re like a one stop shop.

Finally, I will give you my last thought on additional night club profits, and if it works for you, the most profitable. You will need to check with the liquor laws with your state.

Additional night club profits through teen dances!

Yes, you read this right. I have done this in the past. I want to tell you that if on a Sunday your night club is closed, and if you can attract five hundred teens for four hours, at ten dollars per person, That’s five thousand dollars a week, extra! I thought you would like that one. That’s what I call additional night club profits.

Well, it’s bye for now. As I come up with more I will add them for your additional night club profits.

Good Luck,


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